Go all out!

When you discover a life-changing truth, go all out to implement – ASAP! Remove yourself from everything else.

Failing to do this will mean small, unimportant things will consume your energy at the expense of the life-changing idea.

Be aware that life-changing truths or game changers come once in a few years and not everyday. Therefore, nothing short of fully capitalizing on them would be satisfactory.

To set, or not to set?

Goal setting makes you aspire for bigger and better things in life. It also allows you to tap into your genius. There is an element of excitement when you are setting higher targets with a purposeful outcome. You wake up every morning raring to go.

Goal setting can also make you feel incomplete and missing something. This is not necessarily bad because you are always becoming, never static. However, when goal setting makes you feel like a failure for not having accomplished what you are desiring, that can lead to make you feel like a loser.

So should you set goals or not set goals? Set goals, hands down! However, accept that where you are now is a result of all the goals you set in the past and worked towards. So you are a success based on your past goals and efforts.

The trick is to feel successful, fulfilled and savouring the moment and day, yet aspiring for new heights and not becoming complacent.

Turning it around

Some days, all of your planning will be thrown out the window. Hopefully these kinds of days are few and far between.

If you happen to go through one of those days – stay calm, delegate as much as you can and handle what you need to take care of. It could be a family issue, a crisis at work or any completely unexpected happening. Once the dust settles, then attend to your plans.

You will find that if you are able to spend two uninterrupted hours after a tumultuous day, at least 80% of your plans will be met. This means you will be able to turn a disastrous day into a half decent day in terms of productivity!

To make a football analogy, the game is not over till the final whistle! The Seattle Seahawks were down until the final quarter but ended up winning the NFC final versus the 49ers. They recovered in the last quarter. If the first three quarters of the day are a loss for you, how do you turn it around and make a win out of the day?!

When the moment arrives!

When you get a call that you have been waiting for, capitalize on it fully. Don’t say you are busy, even if you are, or that you will call back later.

When an opportunity knocks at your door, then you need to seize the moment. It is a question of timing. Right time and right place is what closes the deal. A soccer striker being at the right place at the right time scores the winning goal – which could even be the World Cup final! If he is at the same place on the field for 89 minutes 59 seconds of the game, but not there at that right, particular second, he may not score.

Being at the right place at the right time seals the deal – if you act upon it right away!


Some of the biggest successes come from a build of momentum, whether created by individuals, corporations or sports teams. More importantly, the respective winners were able to capitalize on the momentum.

Sometimes people build momentum, then they slack of or take a lot of time off to celebrate.

The danger with that is you could lose the momentum you worked so hard to make, and it takes a long time to recreate it.

When you have momentum, you want to capitalize on it. By so doing you get the optimum outcome with relative ease.

Make a decision

When things are undecided, a lot of energy gets wasted. You become unsure of where you stand.

Once a decision is made, it clears the way for execution and momentum.

Sometimes you don’t want to hear the outcome, so you postpone the decision. This hurts you because you are neither here, nor there.

Once a decision is made, you focus all of your energy on implementation. This paves the way for momentum!

Reflect on areas in your life where a decision is pending. Ask yourself what is holding you back from making a decision? Are you scared of facing the outcome, or is it sheer procrastination? Either way, ask yourself what you need to do to make a decision. Act upon what needs to be done to get it done. Then execute upon what you have decided, and ride on the momentum it creates!

Build on momentum

When things are in motion, it is easier to keep them in motion. If you start something new, it takes time to get things moving. So when you find yourself having momentum, go all out and capitalize on it.

Usually I go to sleep early and wake up early. However, one night I continued working until 2 a.m. and got things done that had been pending for quite some time. I am sure that if I had not capitalized on the momentum and completed these tasks, it would have taken me much longer to finish them.

Another time I got up around midnight, bursting with ideas. I decided to act on them and implement my thoughts. By 2:30 a.m. I was able to put together material that I had been struggling to complete for the past few years. I could not believe how clear everything appeared.

I learned that when you have momentum you want to go all out. Whether the momentum is in an idea or an insight, you want to act on it right away—whether it is midnight or midday. Ideas come from the higher sources, and by acting on them right away, you express gratitude for the blessing. If you procrastinate, you lose the momentum and the intensity of the idea.

When you have momentum, you want to build on it. When you complete one sale, asking for another one is easier. If you have begun an exercise regime, continuing the program is easier. Beginning something new is harder. It requires much more energy and commitment.

Next time you have momentum in something, capitalize on it. The energy and momentum that come to you when a new or bright idea manifests in you can be the turning point in your life. I must admit that I have been guilty in the past of not capitalizing on an idea as diligently as I could have. Hey, I cannot change the past, but I can change what I do today!