You cannot win them all

You cannot win them all. In fact, it’s not good to win them all, because you will end up serving people who are not your target group and whom you cannot serve at your peak. 
You are better focusing on people who want to improve, and more importantly, whom you are most qualified to serve. This way, your performance will be at its peak, your customers will be wowed and you will increase your business. 
The first step is to identify who is your core target. Secondly, target this group in all of your marketing efforts. Third, stay focused on this group and turn down work you feel is not aligned to this target. 

Dealing with difficult issues

Effective communication includes dealing with hard issues in relationships, be it with family or business.

In the disguise of being nice, most people shy away from real issues which means that these are left unresolved and will come back to haunt them.

So you have a choice of dealing with it head on now and minimizing its recurrence, or burying it and being willing to deal with it again later, in uglier ways.

Resolving challenges as they come in a positive and conclusive manner are worth the time and investment, especially when dealing with people who you want to engage with in the long term.

It will be a case of short term pain and long term gain.

Turning a minus into a plus

Things happen almost everyday. An important meeting gets postponed, a big contract does not get closed, or perhaps there is a bad storm and you get stuck away from work.

What do you do when that happens? You have two choices:

1. You get disappointed, sad or even angry, or;

2. You say to yourself: “this can be a blessing in disguise!”

If you choose # 1 above your day takes a downward tumble. You get frustrated with small things, and your anger spills over to others.

If you pick choice # 2, you spend time learning from what you could have done better to close the contract; what can you do now whille the meeting is postponed or cancelled; how can you use the snow storm to spend time working from home in your pyjamas!

You can see clearly what is a better choice for you!