Go all out!

When you discover a life-changing truth, go all out to implement – ASAP! Remove yourself from everything else.

Failing to do this will mean small, unimportant things will consume your energy at the expense of the life-changing idea.

Be aware that life-changing truths or game changers come once in a few years and not everyday. Therefore, nothing short of fully capitalizing on them would be satisfactory.


When someone is gracious to you, the least you can do is acknowledge their graciousness. This does two things: It makes them feel good about their graciousness, and makes you feel special. Certainly, mutually beneficial.

People who are negative would ask why the graciousness? What is the ulterior motive? What a scarcity mentality.

The way you see the world is more a reflection of your image of the world, and not reality.

Be gracious, accept graciousness, and stay away from negativity!

A little extra

Giving a little extra takes effort, no doubt. However, nine out of ten times the little extra has a lot more impact than the effort exerted.

That little extra sets you apart. It creates an impression on your customer or client that you are different and special. Not doing that little extra puts you on the average platform. Yes, you will save some effort, but you will be ordinary.

What you would rather be: Special and extraordinary, or average and ordinary? You have to decide, and act on your preference.

Doing Good Today!

If you cannot do good today, you probably will not do good when you become successful!

Doing good is not about being successful. It is about wanting to do good. You can do good in many ways: lend a listening year, provide some valuable guidance, offer your time, give a smile. Many things you want to give can be done without necessarily being financially wealthy. Money is one form of giving.

Have all the ambitions you want to have but don’t overlook the power of doing good today!

Giving unconditionally

Nature provides us with all that we need – water, sunlight, vegetation, air, fruit and life itself! Nature gives all of these unconditionally.

When we do volunteer work, we partner with nature in unconditional giving. This alignment with nature leads to a feeling of harmony. You set in motion a drive for your work that stems from an indescribable, almost surreal, source. You will notice your circumstances change, and opportunities opening up so that you are able to do more volunteering.

When we get an opportunity to volunteer it is a blessing. If you really desire to serve, doors will open for you. Your family will rally to support you in this exercise even though in the beginning, there may be a bit of a challenge to fit it all in.

If everyone contributed to helping others to any degree – even the smallest contribution – the world would be a better place for all of us.

You are love

When you love someone, it is not because they are loveable; it is because you are love!

Love is not conditional, it is inspirational.

Love is not a favour, it is a blessing.

Love is not a burden, it is a privilege.

The Universe gives everyday with love and without conditions – sunlight, moonlight, fruits, vegetation, human capacity – when we give with love and without condition, we participate in that boundless love.

Love one and all, because you are love!

Doing the right thing

When you do the right things in life, you feel good, invite success and create positive energy.
This morning, ahead of my two week trip to visit my daughter, I spent the morning with my Dad feeding him breakfast and engaging in a heartfelt chat, appreciating all his good work for the family and community. This gave me so much positive energy, and gave me a lift that had a almost magical quality. The purpose of my visit to my Dad was to lift his spirit for the holidays, instead, I came away from it lifted! This is the paradox of giving – the more you give, the more you receive!
When you do the right things in life, you nourish your soul which then transmits the positive energy to the rest of your being. This is aligned to the Christmas spirit!