Focus on the good

Whatever you focus on, grows naturally to become a larger part of your life. Everyday, there will be some wins and some loses. This is the nature of life. 
If you focus on the wins, you will invite more wins. If you focus on the loses, you will invite more losses.
When you focus on your wins, your energy will be high. If you focus on your loses, your energy will be low. 
So, focus on the good things that happen to you, strive to be sharper, and do your best in everything you do. 


Choose your thoughts and people

You invite what you deserve. If you deserve good things, you invite good things.

You have to do your due diligence and choose the people you work with wisely. Sometimes you will get caught by someone who is dishonest. When that happens, learn from your mistake and don’t repeat the same one again. If you trust too much you can lose your shirt; if you don’t trust enough, you will have no business. You are always navigating that fine line.

You have to make sure that you are ethical, fair and aboveboard. When you are, you will invite people who are like you. Those who are not like you will gradually evaporate from your life.

Always be diligent in your work and not lazy. It is important to make people accountable and follow up regularly. If you don’t do that you may get a surprise.


When someone is gracious to you, the least you can do is acknowledge their graciousness. This does two things: It makes them feel good about their graciousness, and makes you feel special. Certainly, mutually beneficial.

People who are negative would ask why the graciousness? What is the ulterior motive? What a scarcity mentality.

The way you see the world is more a reflection of your image of the world, and not reality.

Be gracious, accept graciousness, and stay away from negativity!

Breakthrough, not breakdown

Every breakdown has a potential of creating a breakthrough.

When normal problems come, things are normal. When a crisis comes, you get on your toes and tap into your reservoir.

So do not look at a crisis as a curse, look at a crisis as a blessing in disguise. Ask yourself: What can I learn from this? How can I prevent this in future? What are the hidden benefits that can come out of this situation?

If you are going through a very difficult relationship challenge with a spouse or business partner, use this challenge to communicate deeply – more so then ever before to understand the other. Your goal being that this crisis would enhance your relationship, not destroy it. If you take this approach, your crisis becomes an opportunity, potentially leading to a breakthrough instead of a breakdown.

When crises happen, you use more of your faculties to overcome them. Your reservoir is unused when there is no crisis or breakdown.

A little extra

Giving a little extra takes effort, no doubt. However, nine out of ten times the little extra has a lot more impact than the effort exerted.

That little extra sets you apart. It creates an impression on your customer or client that you are different and special. Not doing that little extra puts you on the average platform. Yes, you will save some effort, but you will be ordinary.

What you would rather be: Special and extraordinary, or average and ordinary? You have to decide, and act on your preference.

Planning your meeting

How important is what you are grappling with now? If it’s very important in terms of results it can create for you, and the consequences of not achieving desired outcome are big, then it requires your undivided attention.

Get all the facts on the table to expedite the decision-making and planning process. When you have incomplete information, it takes much longer to decide and plan. If you desire efficiency, avoid discussing outcomes before you have all the facts. If you are meeting to discuss the facts you need, that is fine as long as you are clear of the meeting’s purpose.

Thoroughly preparing for a meeting can greatly enhance the outcome in terms of the overall results.

Dealing with difficult issues

Effective communication includes dealing with hard issues in relationships, be it with family or business.

In the disguise of being nice, most people shy away from real issues which means that these are left unresolved and will come back to haunt them.

So you have a choice of dealing with it head on now and minimizing its recurrence, or burying it and being willing to deal with it again later, in uglier ways.

Resolving challenges as they come in a positive and conclusive manner are worth the time and investment, especially when dealing with people who you want to engage with in the long term.

It will be a case of short term pain and long term gain.