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The Inward SPARK!

The outward you reflects the inward you. To inspire others, you have to be inspired.

A potter’s wheel is able to create something beautiful and meaningful only when its outer circumference and inner center are in balance. Similarly, without the balance of the outward with the inward, life can quickly turn into a flurry of empty activity.

Only awareness of self can provide context and meaning to our experiences. Yet spending time with the self seems like a luxury for most, given the demands of work and family life.

Why this gnawing need to escape ourselves? For many, the prospect of being alone spells acute boredom. For some, it brings them face to face with unresolved issues or painful memories.  For others it’s simply the fear of being alone. So while we are all on the journey to engage with the world, learning to engage with yourself, with your inner space, is vital.

In fact, engaging with the self can be one of the most beautiful, relaxing and uplifting experiences. The journey inwards, besides being a voyage of self-discovery, is also a powerful tool to center your energy and bring your focus back to your SPARK.

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