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Quality of Your Work

Potter works with new pot

Quality remains one of the key differentiators whenever we want to evaluate something or make a choice. We often explore and discuss quality at our workplace, in our processes or in the products or services we consume. But, this idea of quality must always begin with the individual. How do you define the quality of own work? How do you rate your own quality? How do you make quality your own calling card, and the essential ingredient in creating a successful personal brand?

Here are seven tips to improve your quality quotient:

1. Clarify your purpose –

You are at your best when your actions are aligned with your life purpose. Hence, defining your life purpose is crucial to starting your pursuit of quality.

2. Prepare a “quality” plan –

Spend a day documenting all your daily tasks or activities in an effort to identify best practices which can enhance the quality of your output? Also, test your ideas and processes regularly to determine the required improvements or interventions. This might include deleting or letting go of certain practices or ideas that have ceased to serve you. For example, something as simple as changing your fitness plan every few weeks can create significant improvements in your health.

3. Create your quality circle –

If you want a hint of what your future looks like, look around at the people you are spending your time with. Surround yourself with positive, proactive people who challenge and inspire you to be at your best. If you don’t have a choice of the physical company you keep, there is a whole virtual world at your fingertips.  Read good books; watch inspiring TED videos; subscribe to quality content and follow best practices and ideas.

4. Get feedback –

Just as you need a rear view and side view mirror to maneuver around your blind spots while driving, you need feedback to get the complete picture of any situation. Hence, always invite and welcome feedback from your stakeholders, and view all complaints as opportunities to improve.

5. Spend some quiet time alone –

Time for introspection, reflection, and deliberation is essential in developing conscious awareness of the self and how you choose to express it.

6. Invest in learning –

Quality is a continually evolving and ongoing process. Set aside time to continuously learn the latest ways of thinking and doing things.

7. Delegate –

We all have certain strengths and capabilities. Delegation helps you enhance your efficiency by allocating work to people whose skills are a better match for that work, thereby freeing up time for you to focus on the most critical or defining issues of your day.

How about you? How do you define your quality of work in creating your successful personal brand?

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