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Power within

You have enormous power within. You can tap into your power within by making five commitments embodied in the word power as follows:

P – The Commitment of Power of giving – The more you give, the more you have!

O – The Commitment of Opening your Birth – Day (what you are born with) gift – Open your birth-day gift, shine your light & make a positive difference!

W – The Commitment of a Winning Attitude – Aim high to reach high! When you believe in yourself, the whole world believes in you!

E –The Commitment of Enlightened Persistence – Persist until you succeed and know when to exit if you are chasing the wrong goal.

R – The Commitment of Rejuvenation – You are in the glow, when you are in the flow! Let’s strive for balance and for being present!

Are you willing to make these 5 commitments? No commitments, no results! Without commitment, idle promises will dry up & blow away in the first wind storm!

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