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Dealing with corporate politics

Group Of Businesspeople Meeting In Modern Boardroom

Since we are unique and all carry enormous power within, the creative synergy between us could bring about spectacular results. However, people spend more time and energy on corporate politics than on creative synergy. 

Politics is found everywhere – government, corporations, communities, families.

Some people enjoy playing the political game to their advantage, some get stressed out with it whilst others just turn a blind eye to it. 

As a leader how can you convert corporate politics to creative synergy? 

1. Promote, recognize and reward creative synergy

2. Create negative consequences for those who play the political game

3. As a leader be a good role model by not playing the politics game

4. Focus on action, integrity, and results.

Whenever you are tempted to play the political game take some action that enhances your capability, trustworthiness and produces results

5. When a peer is gossiping or back-biting, walk away if you are unable to stop him or her from doing so; don’t participate, otherwise, you become an enabler

6. Manage corporate politics instead of letting it manage you. Make it clear to your team that they’ll be evaluated on merit, not politics

6. Establish consequences for people who are political or negative, and reward those who are focused on results and meritocracy

7. Network in positive ways and be a positive influence. Show you can be successful without engaging in politics, so others can follow.  Let your actions do the talking. 

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