It’s What you Do!

You can easily get sidetracked and do menial tasks or check emails, most of which are not important or attend to phone calls, which interrupt your focus on the most important things. By the end of the day, you get exhausted just from the interruptions you get.

Success is not in doing lots of things but rather in doing fewer important things and doing them very well. Once you complete these important tasks well, you will experience a burst of enthusiasm and drive for the rest of the day.

Work in 90-minute cycles – Your brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs a break. Hence, work in cycles of uninterrupted 90 minutes with short breaks in between to maximize productivity.

At the end of the day, it is not how much you do, it is what you do!

Selfish yet Selfless!

Balanced living allows you to be selfish and selfless – selfish in the sense of catering to your own needs first; selfless in the sense that by catering to your own needs, you can be of help to others. 

Start your day earlier with the hour of power – twenty minutes meditation, twenty minutes reading something uplifting and twenty minutes exercising and use the energy created to significantly enhance the next 23 hours.

When you use your enhanced productivity to serve others and contribute to good causes, you move from Selfish to Selfless!

Soul Shaken!

22 years ago today, at 10 AM on the tenth day of the tenth month, I received a phone call that would change my life. I call this my 10:10:10 moment!

The call was a request to volunteer my time to help refugees in Asia! My inner voice and the encouragement from my wife made me say yes, and what I would go on to learn shook me to the core. It made me change my career from accounting for business to accounting for life!

Today, 22 years later, not only am I way ahead in my new career but also I do what I love to do every single day which is priceless!

How about you? Have you had your 10:10:10 moment that led to your soul be shaken!


On a regular basis, thoughts surround us all.

Some thoughts come and go, while others are everlasting. The thoughts that we hold on to for an extended period of time which are supported by emotional desire and action, come to fruition.

Let thoughts come and go as they are bound to do. However, hold on to the ones you want to manifest in your life and support them with strong emotional feeling and aligned action.

To manifest outcome will require thoughts, emotional desire and aligned action for an extended period of time.


There is so much richness within each person to be discovered. It is the role of effective leaders to nurture this richness. Effective leaders engage, empower and energize their teams. They are true servant leaders!

It is true that some leaders can be charismatic. However, many leaders are effective through their attitude and authenticity. As my friend and co-author of Life Balance the Sufi Way,
Dr. Nido Qubein says, “it is authenticity, not charisma that counts.”

Effective leaders are role models, approachable, value diversity, work well with others and remain focused on creating impact.

The biggest limiting factor impacting the effectiveness of a leader is their desire to get credit. The paradox is the least the desire for credit, the bigger the impact!

Master or Servant?

How can you have goals, which are so important to you and yet be detached from them?

To achieve detachment three key things would help:

1. Ensure your goals are larger than self. If goals are too self-centred they bring an element of fear and attachment that takes away from creativity, courage, and conviction.

2. Savour the journey – the joy of achieving goals is both in the journey and in the accomplishment.

3. You can own the goals but do not let the goals own you. To overcome detachment be the master of your goals, not the servant!

Judging You!

Most of us judge others based on who we are, not who they are. We think we know a lot about others when we still have not figured out ourselves. It is so difficult to know oneself and almost impossible to really know others.

If you keep judging others adversely, you need to look deeper. You may find that what you are seeing in others, maybe a reflection of who you are.

Most people have a good side and not so good side. What do you notice more? If you focus on the good in others, it also reflects good in you. When you see beauty, you are beauty!

The side benefit of seeing good in others is that we attract the good in them.