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Ying and Yang represent the balance of opposites in the universe.  When Ying and Yang are in balance, all is calm.  When one outweighs the other, confusion and disarray set in.

Buddhism recommends the “middle path” – the one between the opposite extremes of luxury and hardship.  Buddha believed that we all must take responsibility for ourselves and must practice self-control.

Staying in balance requires that you understand your whole being.  You must know your physical, mental and spiritual needs, and you must bring them into congruence.  If you don’t understand how each contributes to the whole of your being, you may end up catering to one facet of your life at the expense of the whole.  If you understand the whole in relation to its parts, you can determine the amount of time and effort to invest in each facet.

At the end of the day, it is not about maximum or minimum; it is about optimum!

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