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Multiply the Good!

The ratio of our exposure to bad news far outweighs good news. When you read or hear bad or sad news, you feel low. Whereas, when you hear good news you feel happy. However, it is hard to shut yourself off from all the bad and sad news. It is everywhere – TV screens; on your phone; laptop; via Whatsapp messages; emails, and in almost every newspaper you read.

How do you mitigate this sad feeling? Start your morning with meditation and reading something uplifting – Rumi, Khalil Gibran, Dr. Stephen Covey are good examples. This starts your morning on a positive note. Avoid bad and sad news as much as possible, especially early in the morning. However, if you do end up being exposed to bad news, which is often inevitable, react by counting your blessings.

Good news attracts happy feelings. Multiply the good news in your life and express gratitude for what is working well in your life.

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