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How does magic happen? We are not talking about a circus magician but the magic that was created by someone like Michael Jordan in basketball or Steve Jobs in business.

Michael Jordan in his prime was magic. However, he said he missed hundreds of shots he took. He also missed game-winning shots he was entrusted with. He failed many times and yet he was magic and one of the best ever.

Steve Jobs had many failures including being fired from his own company before becoming an icon of creativity in business.

Creating magic does not mean not having failed. In fact, most great leaders and athletes who end up creating magic go through enormous challenges, struggles and failures. Odds were stacked against them during their journey but that only enhanced their resolve instead of diminishing it.

The key to their success was the unwavering faith that they will make it no matter what. So if you are going through challenges, struggles, and obstacles do not panic. You have to go through enormous hurdles before you can eventually claim the so-called magic. Therefore, fail your way to magic!

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