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True Love!

Decorative fabric heart  hanging on the blue wooden background

The expressions of love are some of life’s greatest puzzles, which we navigate on a continual basis.

So, what are some ways people express their love?

Some expressions include:

-love through poetry

-love through gifts

-love through kind favours

-love by a show of gratitude

There are many ways to express love. However, in the eyes of the deepest lover, true love needs no poetry, gifts, favours or gratitude. It needs just that – true love! Unencumbered; universal…unconditional.

For instance, a mother’s love is unconditional. It is ever present even when at times it appears not to be. A child intrinsically knows that a mother will love him or her no matter what.

Yes, there are exceptions. Mothers have been known to forsake their love for their children. But thankfully, these are rare exceptions. For the most part, a Mom is forever a Mom; and the epitome of true love!

True love is without a singular language. It can not be defined and/or translated by a single prose. It is said that ‘the tidings of the deaf are felt by the blind’. But, how is that possible? Simply put, true love transcends everything!

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