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Lifelong Process!

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The moment you feel you have conquered ego, you become most vulnerable to getting back in the ego zone.

This happens because the very perception of having conquered ego, re-invites ego – “I” have conquered ego. In that statement alone, the “I” (ego) has already crept in.

Conquering ego is a lifelong process requiring vigilance, grace, and humility to accept that you will never completely eliminate ego until the day you die!

Progress certainly can be made, and you would want to accept that progress with humility. Here are some thoughts and tips to help you make that progress:

– Are you happy?  Are you fulfilled?  If not, there’s a connection with ego.

– Center yourself when you get frustrated. Frustration is a sign that your ego is putting more importance on you, and wanting everyone else to comply. Instead value diversity – value the differences in others and see their strengths.

– Ask people who are close to you what they think about your behaviour and actions. Do they see you as egotistical? Be objective about their response.

– Ego takes you away from the present moment. While you’re completing an important assignment your thoughts take you to the past and future. Realize this is happening; catch yourself, and refocus on the task at hand.

– Observe your thoughts periodically, and ask yourself – “What am I thinking about?” You’ll be surprised that every thought has some ego connection. Evaluate your thoughts – how many are ego driven? Replace the ego-driven thoughts with actions that make a difference to one and all.

– Reflect on whether you have superiority complex or inferiority complex as both arise from ego. Stop playing the comparison game. Instead, shine your light and inspire others to shine their light.

– Avoid the self-sabotage. The habit of always looking at limitations rather than possibilities.
Have a habit of responding to things rather than reacting.

– Look at things that are working for you and express gratitude. Work on your self-esteem in terms of positive pride – that you have been created to be of service to others.

-Reflect on the purpose of your life and enhance your passion. Meditate with an aim to transform ego through the realization that you’re one with all and the creator.

The above thoughts and tips will help you make progress but not completely vanquish ego.

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