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Visualize a week that incorporates – meditation, one-on-one family visits, exercise, reading, reviewing and/or modifying your financial plan, work, and relaxation time – all while feeling centered despite the stress.

If you can dream it, you can do it,” Walt Disney said.

Affirmations unleash your imagination. Once you have completed your affirmations, practice visualization.

Imaginations are powerful. Willpower without clarity and imagination is not as effective. So if you are going through chaos right now, don’t despair. Through imagination, you can transport yourself to a state of bliss. It has immense power to allow you to let go of your limitations and connect with the universe’s energy. You can move beyond the limits of your conscious mind and tap into the reserves of the subconscious mind, or sixth sense. Constantly ask, “How does that look to me? How does that feel?”. And once you get that sense, hold onto that feeling as it will bring clarity to your imagination. Repeat this daily and often, and gradually it will manifest into reality.

When you are able to master how to ‘feel’ the success of achieving your dreams, you will invite the universe to join you in your pursuit of those felt achievements. Upon writing down your feelings, read and re-read what you’ve written and gauge whether they make you feel good.

For example, you might write: “I love knowing that my life is awesome and I am at my peak.” Just reading this statement has the power to energize you.

This energy will increase the possibilities of achieving the outcomes you envision. And your conviction will remove doubts about any outcomes; will keep your mind on what you want, and away from what you don’t want.

Because affirmations are positive thoughts to feed you, they create energy, passion, and gusto. They are catalysts that create the action to overcome inertia and self-doubt.

But, the key is to not let doubt come into this. A small doubt grows like a seedling. Trust that although things will not change overnight, over time, and through persistence, it will all pay off. Let there be no doubt in your mind about it!

“A feeble man can see the farms that are fenced and tilled,” wrote philosopher-poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. “The strong man sees the possible houses and farms. His eyes make estates as fast as the sun breeds clouds.”

Imagination alone does not mean you will be spared the work that needs to be done. However, it will provide a much-needed clarity, focus and desire to execute!

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