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Seven Secrets to Lasting Happiness

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Happiness is and will always be the most cherished, yet most elusive, of all human desires. Happiness isn’t something that someone gives us, nor is it something that we have to work towards. It is a state of mind that sneaks in upon you sometimes in the most unlikely of circumstances or situations. It is many times a by-product of purpose and endeavour.

Your happiness is entirely your prerogative and responsibility.
Today being the International Day of Happiness, let’s look at seven secrets to attract this elusive feeling:

1. Discover yourself – The first step to lasting happiness is to discover yourself. One way to discover yourself is to explore life daily, try out new activities, experiences, meet new people, travel, spend some quiet time daily, meditate, read. The experiences and activities you enjoy most will bring you closer to who you are as a person. Another way is to start writing a journal listing the triumphs, milestones, and breakthroughs you’ve experienced. Once you know what makes you happy, doing more of it brings you closer to being joyous.

2. Remain positive – Happiness is not a set of circumstances; it is a set of attitudes. When you count your blessings, your blessings multiply. When you count your sorrows, your sorrows multiply. This is because we attract what we focus upon. So if you focus on the positive angle of situations and people you invite more positive experiences.
Happiness is not a set of circumstances, it is a set of attitudes.

3. Develop your skill set –Treat every incident, every person as a teacher and you will never stop learning throughout your life. Whether it’s your leadership skills, honing your creativity, taking a new class or simply observing an expert at work, life throws up a plethora of opportunities to learn from. Once you adopt this attitude, even a negative experience brings something positive.

4. Build healthy relationships – Man is both independent and interdependent. Other than collaborating with others to meet our basic survival, the very act of relating with others gives meaning, joy, and purpose to living. When you have good relationships with others, life and work become easier and more pleasant. Your friends and loved ones inspire the best version of you and help you become more of you.

5. Let ethics and values be your guide – These are the ground on which you stand. If the ground is weak, the rest is lacking foundation. They define what’s right and wrong, and If you stray from what you hold important and fair, the resulting dissonance creates discomfort and misery. Hence, never do something that doesn’t agree with you in your heart, for not only is it unfair to others, it also takes you away from your goal of happiness and wellbeing.

6. Awaken your spirituality – When you are not connected to your spirit, you are missing the spark and are not inspired. Once our actions originate from the depth of our heart, representing the primary layer, the path for ego-free relationships will be paved. Whether it’s your daily meditation practice, or volunteering your time or skills for a cause, or simply helping someone, find some way to connect with yourself spiritually every day.

7. Enjoy the ride – Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey! And if we miss the journey because we were too focused on the destination, then we have sleepwalked through a significant part of our life. For often when we look back at life, it is the small moments that take our breath away, capture our attention, and fill us up with wonder and gratitude.

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