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Expressing Gratitude

It is conceivable that almost every day you will have some good moments, as well as some challenges. If you pay more attention to your good ones and express gratitude for them, you will attract more of the same. On the other hand, if you focus on your not so good moments or challenges, you will attract more of them.
Expressing gratitude is a great habit. It makes you feel good and attract abundance at the same time.

Here are some tips to enhance your feelings of gratitude and attract happiness and fulfillment:

1. Focus on what is working in your life

Instead of focusing on what is not working and attracting more failure, focus on what is working by expressing gratitude. And in so doing, you will attract more wins.

2. Express gratitude for what is also not working in your life

Express gratitude for what is not working by saying:
This part of my life may be taking longer to take off, but I know there is some benefit in the delay as my knowledge and prep of this service and/or product will multiply because of the delay, thereby bringing me much more success in the long run.

3. Express gratitude for even sad things in your life

View sadness also as a blessing. Rumi says, “The wound is the place where the light enters you!”. No wound, no light. So, treat ‘wounds’ as invitations to experience the divine light!

4. Avoid the blame game. Instead, practice the praise game.

Instead of looking for someone to blame, look for someone to praise!

5. Look for the good in people

Every person you meet will have some good in them and some bad. Look for all that is good in them, and be grateful to have focused on their good instead of their shortcomings.

6. Don’t pass the buck. Instead, take 100% responsibility

When something has gone wrong, instead of looking for a culprit to whom you can pass the buck, start the remedy process by taking 100% responsibility. This will lead you to be 100% response able!

7. Be in awe and gratitude of the phenomenal nature around you

When you see the sunrise and/or the sunset, and flowers at bloom or birds in flight say, “Wow, spectacular beauty!”

8. Desire and create impact. Ignore worrying about receiving credit

Be grateful and grab any opportunity to create impact without any thought of receiving credit or recognition.

9. Express gratitude for every opportunity you have to serve others.

Every time you are called upon to provide needful service consider it a big blessing.

10. Let go of worries. Instead, focus on taking action to minimize the impact of those worries.
My co-author Dr. Nido Qubein’s of “Life Balance the Sufi Way” says: “95 % of what you worry about never happens!”


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