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Constructive Responses to Change

Life is not static, Business is not static. Therefore, it is important to have strategies for constructive responses to change.

Here are some things you can do to respond constructively to change:

– Become adaptable.
– Embrace change. 
– View change as an opportunity for growth.
– Anticipate change.
– Use your repositories of problem-solving and coping strategies when faced with changes in your life.
– Use major crises to create breakthroughs.
– Engage in lifelong learning to stay abreast of change.
– Keep your principles intact despite the change.
– Use change to break bad patterns.
– Grow from your experiences of changing circumstances.
– Realize the rewards that come with change.
– Connect with your spirituality.

Responding constructively to change leads to an overall positive outcome and attracts SPARK!

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