Ingredients of Winning

o Be transparent.
o Simplify your life.
o Be non-judgmental.
o Take responsibility.
o Dream big.
o Don’t let the past dictate the future.
o Decide and reinforce.
o Value feedback.
o Break it down.
o Do one thing at a time.
o Be prepared.
o Be resourceful.
o Build on your momentum.
o Avoid unnecessary interruptions

Aligning your Goals and Actions

Ask yourself?

Are you serious about your:

– business?
– vision, mission & values?
– family?
– health?
– spirituality?
– clients?

Look at your actions and you will know whether you have really been serious about these goals.

Begin today to align your daily actions with these goals!

Englightened Persistence

* Are you chasing futile goals which, even when achieved, will not invite happiness?
* Do you prevail even when the odds are stacked against you?
* Do you do a little extra to create breakthrough?
* Are you focused and consistent?
* Do you have the determination it takes to succeed?
* Are your actions aligned to your goals?
* Do you have an effective goal-setting methodology?
* Do you make sure that your daily actions are leading you to success?
* Do you get bogged down in crises or do you look for the opportunities that crises present?
* Do you see the blessings that some losses create?
* Do you attract success?
* Do you keep the faith and go the distance or stop short?
* Do you turn a problem into an opportunity?

Commitment to a Winning Attitude

• Attract wealth and success in your life by wanting wealth and success and paying attention to it.
• Aim high to reach high.
• Believe in yourself; no one will believe in you more than yourself.
• Commit to win and be decisive.
• Decide at which level you want to play—premier level or lower division.
• To invite success, you need to know what success looks like.
• Overcome ego and fear to find and leverage your innate gift.

Commitment to Innate Gifts

* You are a miracle endowed with great gifts. No one is like you.
* Finding your innate birth gift can lead you to be a genius.
* You find your innate gift through meditation, authenticity and exploring your natural abilities.
* Live an authentic life by being true to yourself.
* Know your personal and corporate brand.
* A clear view of your mission and vision invites clarity and focus.
* Shared vision creates a buy-in from everyone involved.
* Do not underestimate other people’s capabilities. Engage your team by fully tapping into their innate gifts.
* Align different departments and different parts of your lives to create harmony.
* Be grounded in ethics and principles.
* Diversity of gifts is strength.
* You are the source of your innate gifts, your happiness as well as your sorrows.

When winning takes over

When you notice things falling into place, you may be tempted to say “I am lucky.” However, usually things fall into place because you
•are becoming more clear and focused
•are becoming confident of your success
•have accelerated your work rate.

The above combination results in luck and synchronicity.

Build on momentum

When things are in motion, it is easier to keep them in motion. If you start something new, it takes time to get things moving. So when you find yourself having momentum, go all out and capitalize on it.

Usually I go to sleep early and wake up early. However, one night I continued working until 2 a.m. and got things done that had been pending for quite some time. I am sure that if I had not capitalized on the momentum and completed these tasks, it would have taken me much longer to finish them.

Another time I got up around midnight, bursting with ideas. I decided to act on them and implement my thoughts. By 2:30 a.m. I was able to put together material that I had been struggling to complete for the past few years. I could not believe how clear everything appeared.

I learned that when you have momentum you want to go all out. Whether the momentum is in an idea or an insight, you want to act on it right away—whether it is midnight or midday. Ideas come from the higher sources, and by acting on them right away, you express gratitude for the blessing. If you procrastinate, you lose the momentum and the intensity of the idea.

When you have momentum, you want to build on it. When you complete one sale, asking for another one is easier. If you have begun an exercise regime, continuing the program is easier. Beginning something new is harder. It requires much more energy and commitment.

Next time you have momentum in something, capitalize on it. The energy and momentum that come to you when a new or bright idea manifests in you can be the turning point in your life. I must admit that I have been guilty in the past of not capitalizing on an idea as diligently as I could have. Hey, I cannot change the past, but I can change what I do today!