Big Picture First!

There are two ways to approach something important. Either start with a lot of details and get everyone overwhelmed or agree on the big picture first and let details be worked out later.

I have found in many business deals, when we focus on agreeing on the big picture, the rest becomes easier as you narrow down on the key areas of contention.

When you start with details you can end up all over the map that by the time you come to the crux you are exhausted.

Good to Best!

Are you inspired to take one area of your life from being at a good level to being at your best level?

The moment you make this commitment, your whole outlook towards this area will shift to a much higher level. Also, you will start to behave in a similar manner in other areas of your life. It almost starts a new habit to life.

You will begin to feel great about yourself because you are now working at your brilliant best instead of just good enough.

Begin by making a decision to up your game from being good to being at your brilliant best in one area of your life and watch the miraculous shift to other areas of your life.

End or Begin?

No need to be scared of any ends as every end is the beginning of something new!

End of a relationship, is a beginning of freedom. End of loneliness is the beginning of a relationship. The end of 2018 is the beginning of 2019.

The key is what do you learn from every end that you can apply to every beginning?

What have you learned from 2018? What are you going to do different in 2019 from what you have learned?

Can you:

* improve your family relationships?
* enhance your lifelong learning?
* be more astute in your finances?
* step up in improving your health?
* spend more time in connecting with your spirit?
* take your profession to the next level?

Every end is a beginning if you apply the learning from each end.

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Suffering is Optional!

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional,” said the Dalai Lama, quoting an old Zen saying.

Life inevitably brings pain and temporary defeats, even on the road to success. Nothing is better for softening blows than developing a good sense of humor. Learn to laugh at yourself.

When you see the humor in embarrassing situations, they cease to be stressful.  The person who can laugh often can keep going when others fail.

You can’t win all the time. Michael Jordan, considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time, scored on fewer than half of his field goal attempts.  Great athletes know that they will fail often on their road to victory.  They also know that every failure carries the seed of success.

Every failure makes room for future success if you allow the failure to teach you a lesson.  In a particular week, you may miss your deadlines or have an argument with your spouse. This may make you lose hope and become fearful. However, respond with faith and persistence!

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People who are successful in life have all developed the skill of self-discipline.

Discipline is also a big point for service providers, especially entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs have no bosses to watch over them or make sure they are getting the job done. They have to be their own bosses. They have to supervise their own behavior. Part of their discipline is to believe firmly in behavioral economics – that every behavior they display must produce economic benefit.

Sometimes you may do things to contribute to good causes that produce no economic benefit to you.  But here too, you must assess whether you are using your time effectively and efficiently to produce the results you set out to produce and to provide the maximum benefit to those you are trying to help.

 Discipline also requires you to be clear about your purpose.

The clearer your purpose in life, the more focused you will be on the areas that are really important in your life.  Once you’re focused, you’ll know which areas to delegate, which areas to throw completely out the window, and which areas to give your best resources.

 Discipline, purpose, and focus are three powerful ingredients of success!

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Seven Steps to Lasting Happiness!

Step 1 – Discover Yourself

There is a purpose in each of our lives. We may need to dig deep within ourselves to find out what that purpose is, but the clearer our mission is, the better are our chances of accomplishing it.

Step 2 – Maintain Positive Attitudes

We’re all gifted and blessed in our own unique ways. When we treasure who we are and believe in our inherent capabilities, we find that the world also starts to believe in us. When we are willing to bet on ourselves, the world will bet on us as well.

Step 3 – Discover Hone Your Life Skills

Our happiness comes from focusing our energies on the things that we identify as important in life and that are aligned to our mission. If we try to do too much, our priorities become jumbled, which can lead to confusion, frustration, and unhappiness.

Step 4 – Build Healthy Relationships

Our relationships with our close ones play a big part in our lives. When we have healthy relationships filled with love, respect, dialogue, and learning, we experience abounding happiness.

Step 5 – Let Ethics and Values be your Guide

Our deepest joy comes from living an ethical life.  Unethical living may bring temporary happiness, but it will be short-lived. Deep within each of us is a soul that is pure, which is why when we engage in pure activities, we experience happiness.

Step 6 – Awaken your Spirituality

Spirituality does not just exist in places of worship; it is right in our midst, in everything we do from dusk to dawn.

Step 7 – Enjoy the Ride

Working on the first six steps in this gives us internal contentment of having lived to our full potential and living an ethical and empowering life, but it is the seventh step that brings about the fun and joy of life. The seventh step without the first six can bring about a limited happiness, but lasting and sustained happiness comes from working on the first six steps whilst savoring and enjoying the process.

Every moment is a priceless blessing. Happiness is not a destination, it is a process. Life is a journey to be savored every step of the way.

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Being Decisive!

Do your homework as you wish. However, once you have gathered the facts then decide!
If you sit on the fence, it will not get you too far in life. It will look safe but actually can be more risky.

Taking action on your goal and being decisive moves the needle. If you waiver too much that shows lack of confidence and clarity. Make a decision then put all your energy in executing around it.

Invest time in what you want, get the team whose help you need then move quickly to get the job done.

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