Winner’s Recipe

Winner’s have many positive attributes. Here are some of them that you can emulate:

1. Take 100 % responsibility.

I have come across many successful people around the world. One quality they all have is they take full responsibility for their life. I have also come across people who always have an excuse for their shortcomings. For them, it is usually someone else’s fault. Taking 100 percent responsibility for your shortcomings and failures is the key to winning.

2. Decide and reinforce.

Once you decide what you stand for and where you are going, reinforce it in as many ways as you can. Emphasize it in your verbal, written, non-verbal and third-party communication. Go forward, and make decisions that help you implement your ideas. The more you reinforce them, the deeper your understanding and confidence will become. When people on your team see you in that mode, they start to increase the tempo, and you will see a positive effect. However, the starting point is you as the leader.

3. Value feedback.

Regular feedback and accountability can be very valuable. Being open and objective allows you to evaluate where you can do better. We all have blind spots and can miss some obvious errors we may be making. One of the qualities of successful people is inviting feedback and being open to it. There is always room for improvement, even when you have performed at your peak.

4. When winning takes over

When people notice things falling into place, they may be tempted to say “She is lucky.” However, usually things fall into place because you:

• are becoming clear and focused
• are becoming confident
• have accelerated your work rate.

The above combination results in luck and synchronicity.

5. Don’t let the past dictate the future.

It does not matter where you start; it is where you finish that counts. Bill Gates was a college dropout who at times enjoyed playing poker in lieu of going to classes at Harvard. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in Steve Job’s garage.Albert Einstein had challenges with some of the most basic daily activities. The past does not equal the future.

Being a winner starts with a SPARK and acquiring the attributes of a winner!

Enhancing your Performance!

Business colleagues at a meeting in boardroom, close up

Do you allow yourself to get bogged down in petty things? If you find yourself wasting time on office politics or personal gossip; or if you are always dashing from one task or person to another, you won’t have the energy to play at the top level.

Try these three ways to refine your performance and create sound results – both in your personal and professional life:

1. Be transparent.

Organize your life around transparency. It will allow you to stop playing the guessing game with yourself and others around you, which can take up a lot of unnecessary energy. If you are not being transparent, you encourage others to not be transparent, resulting in “corridor” talk and even back-biting. This is not an environment you want to be part of because it is counterproductive. Transparency takes your discussions to the next level.

2. Simplify.

Life can be complex as you try to juggle family, work, profession, personalities, priorities and schedules. How do you simplify your life?

• Build healthy relationships with important people in your life—children, spouse, partner, internal and external customers.
• Do important things first—make sure you have time for exercise, quiet time, family time, reading, and relationship building.
• Celebrate small successes as success breeds success
• Count your blessings.

By taking these few steps, you make complex things a little simpler and give yourself a head start to balancing the multifaceted demands in your life.

3. Be non-judgmental.

A lot of energy gets unnecessarily expended in envy, jealousy and judgment of others. When you take an approach of “malice toward none,” you free yourself from negative energy. These liberating feelings can be invested in creative and innovative work. The judgment of others is really judgment of self. What you see in others is a reflection of what you see in yourself. When you see beauty, you are beauty!

For enhancing your performance and creating a SPARK try transparency, simplicity and non-judgement!

Wheels in motion!

Inertia refers to the resistance to change — in particular, resistance to changes in motion. Inertia may manifest in physical objects or in the minds of people.

We learn the principle of inertia early on in life. We all know that it takes a force to get something moving; to change its direction, or to stop it.

The issue with status quo is that it is not necessarily the optimum solution.

Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion is that an object at rest stays at rest, and an object that is in motion continues in motion until an external force acts on it.
A good example would be how inertia keeps us in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Whereas, a ball rolling down a hill will continue to roll unless friction or another force stops it.

The important thing about inertia is that it is only the initial push that is difficult. After that, progress tends to be smoother. Ernest Hemingway had a trick for overcoming inertia in his writing. Knowing that getting started was always the hardest part, he chose to finish work each day at a point where he had momentum. The next day, he could pick up from there already having the idea about where to go – giving him momentum. He also shared another method, which was to write just one sentence. If he could think of one true sentence, the rest would come. And he knew that he could always come up with one true sentence. As with physics, the momentum from getting started can carry us a long way. We just need to muster the required activation energy and get going.

So in conclusion, the best way to remove inertia from your life is to take the first step. The first step sets the wheels in motion and creates the SPARK. If you want to go for a jog or brisk walk, you need to wear your runners; step out the door, and take your first step. The rest will happen. If you dilly-dally in taking your first step, you will not accomplish much.

Overcoming fear

Positive pride is when you look at your life and gifts as blessings and utilize them to make a meaningful difference to those who cross your path. Fear is focused on the past and the future. With fear, you freeze and choke before you start, eliminating all chances of success. When you face your fears, you can convert a frightening experience into a moving and fulfilling one.

If ego is darkness and awareness is light, the existence of one implies the absence of the other. Sufi Inayat Khan states, “All great musicians – Beethoven, Wagner, and many others who have left the world a work that will always be treasured, would not have been able to do so if they had not forgotten themselves in their work.” These people were able to transform themselves, as a caterpillar’s metamorphoses into a butterfly. 

Self-transformation happens through the annihilation of the ego, from which the magnificent new form emerges. When you are consumed by ego, you become defensive, fearful and self-centered. 

Fear makes it difficult for you to tap into your innate gift and foster your winning attitude. With SPARK and a goal larger than self, fear has no room to creep in.

Your journey within!

A spark has the potential to become a blazing fire.

A small seed eventually becomes a mighty oak tree.

Upon looking at the seed, it is difficult to believe that an ultimate mix of roots, leaves, flowers, and fruits are contained within it. Thus, all life carries within it the blueprint of its destiny.

Man is also born a seed, brimming with potential. But, unless we become conscious of this magnificence within us, we cannot actualize it.

Unfortunately, most of us spend our time looking outside – dividing ourselves into tiny egotistic silos of ethnicity, religion, gender, country, occupation, and so on -when in our truest essence we have the power to be the whole world.

Without taking the journey inwards, the real magic will not unfold.

This is not to say that we must forego our interest in the outer, but our preoccupation with it needs to be curbed. It is true, the seed draws light, water, and nutrition from the outside, but the magical transformations occur when all of these external forces work together in the inner.

So how do we seek our inner treasure?

1. Meditation – Daily quiet time; ideally early morning, and if possible near nature. This powerful habit is the launching pad for the  journey inward.

2. Establish keystone habits that will help you come closer to your vision – Keystone habits are mannerisms that form the cornerstone of the Ideal that you have envisioned for yourself. For example, if you want to be a singer, your keystone habit will most likely be to practice daily for several hours come what may.

3. Identify your gifts and excel at them – Do not carry generalized notions of your gifts. Take time to articulate them; speak to others and welcome feedback. You will be pleasantly surprised by the insight you gather. Once you have a good picture, write them down and ensure you hone these gifts. For example, you can do so by taking a class; practicing them regularly or even volunteering your skills.

4. Identify your self-empowering beliefs – Think of your most empowering beliefs and foster them daily through regular visualization and affirmation.


In a world where many demands can come at you from many directions, deciding what to do first can be complicated.

What is the first thing first for you at work?

What is the first thing first for you with the family?

What is the first thing first with your health?

What is the first thing first with your finances?

What is the first thing first with your lifelong learning?

What is your first thing first with your spirituality?

The responses to the above questions are not straight forward. Also, after you answer them, the next question naturally arises – which of the first things from the six areas
mentioned above will you in fact do first?

If you start your morning with the hour of power which would include 20 minutes exercise, 20 minutes reading something uplifting and 20 minutes meditation, you start your day with the bang impacting your body, mind and soul.

Dr. Stephen Covey wrote an outstanding book entitled, “First things First”, which I highly recommend! When you figure out what the ‘first thing first’ is for you and follow through with executing accordingly, SPARK and magic happens.


If you can dream it, you can do it,” Walt Disney said.

Imaginations are powerful.  Willpower without clarity and imagination is not as effective. So if you are going through chaos right now, don’t despair.  Through imagination you can transport yourself to a state of bliss. You move beyond the limits of your conscious mind and tap into the reserves of the subconscious mind, or sixth sense. How does that look to you? How does that feel?  Hold onto that feeling; bring clarity to your imagination.  Repeat it daily and often, and gradually it will become a reality. 

For example, you might write:  “I love knowing that my life is awesome and I am at my peak.” Just reading this statement will energize you. 

The energy will increase the possibility of the outcome you envisioned.  Your conviction will remove doubts about the outcome and will keep your mind on what you want and away from what you don’t want. 

Affirmations are positive thoughts that you feed yourself. They create energy, passion, and gusto. They are the catalysts that create action and overcome inertia and self-doubt. 

Don’t let doubt come into this.  A small doubt grows like a seedling. Things will not change overnight. This means you will persist because you know that it will pay off; there’s no doubt in your mind about it.

Imagination does not mean you will be spared of work to be done. However, you will have clarity, focus and SPARK to execute!