Worth it!

Having family unity can be a source of happiness and support. It is easy to take this support for granted. However, if you imagine life without the family’s support you would begin to appreciate the enormous contribution they make.

There are times when everyone from the family needs your attention and you find it stressful to cope. The key to resolve this challenge is to remember the support the family provides you on an ongoing basis. This makes you want to return the favour lovingly.

Balance can get challenging when you have multiple connections – spouse, children, parents, siblings. However, these many connections add to the great support you receive on an ongoing basis. The alternative would be loneliness.

I would choose stress and support over loneliness any day.

Authentic and Sensitive!

When it comes to people, it is important to be authentic, yet sensitive. It is a delicate balance.

Some people are insensitive in the guise of being authentic. Some are too sensitive to the point of not being authentic.

The balance between being authentic yet sensitive applies in all walks of life. It applies to your children, your spouse, parents, siblings, coworkers, supervisors, subordinates, volunteer teams, business partners, boss, or investors.

If you are trying to appoint someone to a role and want him or her to perform at their peak then being sensitive and authentic will have the highest chance of success. Sensitive will make the person feel respected and being authentic will keep the foundation of trust and integrity.

If you have to choose between being sensitive or authentic then choose authentic but it need not be either/or.


If you make a decision to do your best work you set this new approach in motion.

Making a decision is a start.
Reminding yourself of your commitment to excellence on a daily basis is the next step. This process will make your commitment stronger, stimulate your subconscious mind, and encourage your new working habits. If you keep this discipline, you will find that you will take your game to the next level.

Decide you will only do your best work. Revisit this message every morning and every evening and watch your work get to the next level!


If you are clear about your goals for the day you get a head start. This means not only knowing the sequence of your priorities but also having a tight set of priorities.

Once you have clarity then you will require focus to execute around what you need to do. Staying focused is not as easy as it sounds. It means staying the course and not deviating from your priorities.

There is ample time in a day to achieve great things. Clarity and focus are two wings of the bird that enable you to fly towards success.

Crush the Doubt!

The nudge gets you going leading to a rhythm creating the momentum. Getting to momentum is hard; however, staying in momentum is easier.

When you create momentum there is an influx of energy, creativity, and focus. In this state, a lot can be achieved.
However if you let up and let the momentum stop, it takes a huge amount of energy to rekindle.

When you have momentum, you want to optimize. The way to do this is to proceed with gusto completing what you have set out to do. The trampoline effect of momentum can be amazing and leapfrog you to a new level.

You may experience doubt about your approach, however, crush the doubt before it crushes you!

How are you here?

Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are? It is complex to figure out everything however you are bound to see a number of coincidences.

Synchronicity is the phenomenon of experiencing two or more events as meaningfully related, though they are unlikely to be causally related. They are perceived as a “meaningful coincidence”, although the events need not be exactly simultaneous in time.

Carl Jung described synchronicity as “the underlying cosmic intelligence that synchronises people, places, and events into a meaningful order”. These meaningful ‘coincidences’ appear to be more than just mere chance, and connect together seemingly unrelated moments in time, in an organized manner.

Even your birth is a coincidence. If your Dad had married someone else instead of your Mom you would not have been born! What a thought!

The past coincidences have certainly played a part in where we are today. However our actions today will determine the future for us.

Here are some important questions to ponder on:

– What will I do today different from what I have done in the past and why?

– What does a Wow look like for me today, this week, this month? Why is it a Wow?

– What does a Wow look like to me a year from now? Why is it a Wow?

Clarity precedes mastery. Strategies and actions aligned to clear goals propel us to success and attract the coincidences that lead us to our desire.

Hard Work!

Most of us miss our best opportunities because they come disguised as hard work. Hard work is a fact of life. If you want to be successful, you have to work hard. Thomas Edison was on the money when he remarked, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” 

But hard work doesn’t have to be drudgery. It can be a source of great enjoyment. If you develop joy in your work, you’ll find that it produces positive energy. To develop joy in your work, you must be doing something that you’re good at, that is meaningful to you, and that makes a difference.

Find the work that brings you joy. When you find it, pursue it with persistence.
You persist when you have a passion for what you do. When you love what you do, you work with gusto and create a positive impact!