Source of wisdom!

A wise person is a source of wisdom. Time spent with such a person is a powerful source of learning. If you embark on a once week meeting with such a person, you are bound to see an impact on your success.

This transfer of knowledge gets even deeper if you discuss some of the challenges you are facing and some of the deeper questions you have. Allow some time to “go with the flow” and some time for challenges and questions to get the optimum benefit of the time with the wise person.

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Influence & Inspire!

Design Team Collaborating On Project Together

If you want to get results from your team there are two ways to do it. One, push and demand your team to deliver. Two, encouragingly influence and inspire your team so they respond positively and deliver.

Some leaders mistake influence and inspiration as a passive and ineffective approach. They consider the demand and push approach to work better. However, for long-term results, the influence and inspire approach is not only sustainable but also leads to empowerment and growth of the team.

Inspiring and influencing your team includes:

⁃ Involving your team in setting goals.
⁃ Discussing the roadmap of how to go from where they are to where they need to reach.
⁃ Setting the team up for success by being a servant leader.  In other words, being there for the team to provide mentoring, coaching, guidance.
⁃ Praising good work with specific and sincere compliments.
⁃ When teams mess up to understand the rationale of their approach. Then, offer what could have been done differently and how they can approach a similar situation in the future.
⁃ Encouraging collaboration and teamwork.
⁃ Allowing a buffer so that corrections can be made before the deadline.

Influencing and inspiring the team makes the team step up their game and deliver superior results.

Push and demand requires continuous policing from leaders and may bring results in the short term, but is not a good long-term strategy.

Best work, not just Good!

Ballerina sitting on the floor in dark ballet class against window full of sunlight.

Once you make the decision to do your best work, not just good work, you set a new approach in motion.

But, making a decision is just a start. Reminding yourself of your commitment to excellence on a daily basis is the next step. With a regular process, you will make your commitment stronger; stimulate your subconscious mind, and embolden new working habits. Furthermore, if you keep to your disciplined approach, you will find that your game has grown to higher heights.

So, make that decision to  only do your best work, not just good work. Revisit this message every morning and evening and watch your performance get to the next level!

How about you?

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Are you connected to your spirit?

If you are at bliss, filled with gratitude and feeling love for one and all you are probably connected to your spirit.

The spirit is in all of us but many of us lose the connection because of our obsession with the material world around us – our possessions, ego, grievances.

A person connected to the spirit probably has as many, or even more, challenges as the person who is not connected to the spirit. However, he or she is still at bliss, grateful and content.

It does not mean that the person connected to the spirit is not ambitious or does not want to make progress; it just means that this person is pursuing his or her dreams just like the next person, but approaches his or her dreams from a place of blissfulness, gratitude, and love, thus enhancing the vibrations that attract those dreams.

How about you?

Perfection vs Excellence

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Excellence is striving for what you are capable of. Perfection is striving for what you are not capable of.

Excellence means you can always get better no matter where you are on your journey. Perfection means you can no longer get better.

Striving for Excellence uplifts you and invites positive stress. Striving for Perfection causes a lot of negative stress and makes you feel always limited.

Excellence makes you focus on what is working and do more of that. Perfection makes you focus on what is not working and you end up attracting more of that.

Striving for excellence is a worthy goal. Perfection is for people who are dead and cannot make mistakes anymore.

Excellence is always possible. Perfection is always impossible.

The Magic of Purpose!

uniqueYou were born into this world for a reason. You are here for a nobler purpose than just to eat, sleep, produce offspring, and die. You are here to make a difference. You are here to shine your light and leave the world in a better shape than you received it. You are here to display the gifts you have been blessed with. You are here to use those gifts to make a contribution and create significance.

There is no one like you in this world. No one in this world can match your smile, style, or DNA. No one in this world can speak like you or think like you. You are unique, gifted, and special. Your gifts are tied to your purpose. Discover them and use them fully. When you do things you were born to do and use your innate gifts to make a difference, you are living and working with purpose.

When you live with purpose, you are energized and focused and have a sense of direction. You are concentrating on things that are important to you and not wasting time on unimportant things. All of nature is on call, operating in silence and yet on purpose.

A ship would never sail without a destination. Similarly, you can’t sail through life without having a clear goal. In fact, when facing the storms of life, it is our purpose which ferries us out of them.

When you have a purpose, you know where you are going, and you know why you want to go there. You are driven to get there. A sense of purpose creates energy, meaning, gumption, and love. You lose track of time doing things that have a solid purpose. You find enjoyment and make a difference to others.

When you do purposeful work, you feel guided by principles. Your principles are the anchor, providing a source of steadiness amid tumultuous circumstances. If your anchor is bendable, then it will not hold the boat in place properly. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Important principles may and must be inflexible.” If principles can be bent, they cannot serve as reliable guides to behavior.

To conclude, Purpose takes your life from success to significance!

Wheels in Motion!

One Year Old Boy Taking First Steps With Mother

Inertia refers to the resistance to change — in particular, resistance to changes in motion. Inertia may manifest in physical objects or in the minds of people.

We learn the principle of inertia early on in life. We all know that it takes a force to get something moving; to change its direction, or to stop it.

The issue with status quo is that it is not necessarily the optimum solution.

Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion is that an object at rest stays at rest, and an object that is in motion continues in motion until an external force acts on it.
A good example would be how inertia keeps us in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Whereas, a ball rolling down a hill will continue to roll unless friction or another force stops it.

The important thing about inertia is that it is only the initial push that is difficult. After that, progress tends to be smoother. Ernest Hemingway had a trick for overcoming inertia in his writing. Knowing that getting started was always the hardest part, he chose to finish work each day at a point where he had momentum. The next day, he could pick up from there already having the idea about where to go – giving him momentum. He also shared another method, which was to write just one sentence. If he could think of one true sentence, the rest would come. And he knew that he could always come up with one true sentence. As with physics, the momentum from getting started can carry us a long way. We just need to muster the required activation energy and get going.

So in conclusion, the best way to remove inertia from your life is to take the first step. The first step sets the wheels in motion. If you want to go for a jog or brisk walk, you need to wear your runners; step out the door, and take your first step. The rest will happen. If you dilly-dally in taking your first step, you will not accomplish much. As Dr. Covey would say: “The best way to begin is to begin.”