When it comes to voluntary service one must experience the benefits that come with it to know that the ROI is staggeringly high!

Most think that it is a waste of time to volunteer, and the opportunity cost is not justified. On the contrary, the skills you learn leading voluntary groups are difficult to learn elsewhere. You learn interpersonal skills, leadership, time management,  patience, tenacity, as well as many other skills while working with people who don’t get paid. You are inspiring the team not with money, but with a cause – a purpose. This requires a different and more powerful skill. This is tangible ROI!

For me, whenever I start my morning with voluntary work, the day flows smoothly and effortlessly. This is Intangible ROI! I don’t need a bigger justification for continuing to do voluntary work!

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Invitation to Grace!

When you do good, you invite good.

Every time I have done some good, I have been rewarded with a lot back. Sometimes it is tangible and sometimes intangible.

I now have the conviction that an opportunity to give comes as a blessing.

Next time you get an opportunity to do good, grab the opportunity as you are sure to invite grace, blessings, and abundance from doing so.

Try it!

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Stress worth it!

Portrait Of Happy Family Sitting On Sofa In at Home

More often than not, the family is a great source of joy, happiness, and support. It is easy to take this support for granted. However, if you imagine life without their assistance you would begin to appreciate the enormous source of encouragement they provide.

There are also those times when everyone in the family needs your attention at the same time, and you find it stressful to cope.

The key to resolving such a challenge is to simply remember the support the family provides you on an ongoing basis and in times of need. This feeling of unity will naturally motivate you to lovingly and willingly return the favour.

Finding a balance can get challenging, especially when you have multiple connections – spouse, children, parents, siblings. However, having these many connections only adds to the bedrock of great support. The alternative, on the other hand, would be loneliness.

If you ask me – I would choose stress and support over loneliness any day!

Have a perfect day, no matter what!

Cup of tea,a branch cut hyacinth and narcissus

Yes, there are many imperfections in the world and in your world.
However, if you are alive and breathing and chances are for most of us (not all) there are at least three things to be grateful for. It could be for:

– food, clothing, shelter
– good health
– family
– friends
– job
– respect

By starting your day with gratitude one builds on the concept of perfection in imperfection. Like Melody Beattie, the American writer says, ” Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

So have a perfect day, no matter what!

Brilliant Idea!

Storm Clouds Saskatchewan rainbow in prairie Canada

What do you do when a brilliant idea dawns?

Ideas come from a higher source, and acting upon them right away are expressions of gratitude for those blessings.  By procrastinating we lose momentum and the intensity of the idea wanes.

If an idea gets you up in the middle of the night, act on it right away by attempting to implement your thoughts. It happened to me once, and by early morning I was able to put together material which I had been struggling to complete for the past few years! I could not believe how clear everything appeared.

I learned that we have to act upon a trigger right away – whether it is midnight or midday. If you are busy doing other things that are not priorities, put them aside and attend to implementing the new ideas.

While you are in the swing of things, address the following questions as well:

– What problem is your brilliant idea trying to solve?
– What ideal goal is your idea trying to achieve?
– What obstacles can you anticipate in implementing the idea?
– What different resources are going to be required to implement the idea effectively?
– What number of steps and different activities are required to implement the idea?
– Who in your team will help do what, and by when?

The above questions will probably not be addressed fully in one sitting and may require others’ input, but you can get a great start on them by posing them while in conception stage of your magical idea.

Your Family!

Senior Mother Being Comforted By Adult Daughter

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” ~Archbishop Desmond Tutu

What is the most important thing in your life? Many will respond by saying “my family”. Then ask yourself, what is the one thing you can do today to really express this feeling you have for your family?

Today is Mother’s Day in North America and hopefully, you are treating Mom today. Sometimes in the business of life, we overlook what is most dear to us.
Saying ”I love you” to our most near and dear ones can be done every day and in every way.
More than what you say, let your demeanor and body language reveal  how much you care

Plan to reflect “I love you” in thought, speech, body and in all the things you do with your family today!

Special Day!

Mother and baby elephants at watering in african savanna

Every day is a special day. At the beginning of each day, we get an opportunity to draw a new picture of our life.

Every first of the month is extra special. We are given an opportunity to start anew – a new day, a new month, and with it, a new life.

For me, today is a day of immense gratitude because it is my Mom’s second birthday since her passing, and a vivid reminder to me of how she was and still is, a powerful inspiration in my life.

You can travel the world many times over, but there will only ever be one mother in your life. If your mother is still alive, cherish her, for you will only truly realize her true value when you see her empty chair.

For me, ‘Mom’ absolutely personifies the best of all words in the English dictionary!