Attacking an important and/or difficult task head-on is the way to go. The easy way is to procrastinate. However, things only get worse and more difficult when you procrastinate.

Attending to things head-on requires a concentrated effort to tackle the issue once and for all. A half hearted approach will not cut it. When you break the task down into bite size actionable activities and concentrate, you will find that the task is not as difficult as you think.

Once done, you will feel a sigh of relief and a sense of accomplishment.

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Being on Top

Being on top of things makes you feel calm. When you slip up and are back peddling you feel in disarray.

What then is the best way to always be on top?

Eliminate unnecessary activities, delegate effectively then execute efficiently!

There are a lot of things we do which need not be done. They add very little value to our overall goals. Eliminate them!

After eliminating unnecessary activities, delegate things on your plate that you can delegate to someone junior in your team. This will allow you to focus on the few very important to do’s – things that only you can do.

Then what is left on your plate execute promptly.

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Take a Bold Step!

21 years ago today, at 10 AM on the tenth day of the tenth month, I received a phone call that would change my life.

The call was a request to volunteer my time to help refugees in Asia. My inner voice and the encouragement from my wife made me say yes, and what I would go on to learn shook me to the core. It made me change my career from accounting for business to accounting for life!

Today, 21 years later, not only am I ahead in my new career than I was in the accounting career but also I do what I love to do every single day. Therefore the phone call 21 years ago was for me priceless!

How about you? Have you had your very own phone call moment where your soul was shaken?

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If you look at your family or your team at work or in a voluntary organization, you will notice that we don’t all think the same way.

This difference can be frustrating when you try to get people to think the way you think. However, this is precisely where synergy begins. No difference, no synergy.

Since synergy is defined as the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts, the difference is good! It requires the mentality of working together.

Synergy may slow you down in the beginning, but makes you speed up in the end!

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Your Gift!

Child peremazalsya cake and sweets.

You have one gift that sets you apart from everyone else. It is your birth-day gift – a gift you were born with.

Most people are unaware they have a gift. And many of those who have some inclination, don’t really know what the gift is and how to find it. The few who know they have a gift and know how to find it, unfortunately, lack the discipline to tap into it. Then, there are those who have the discipline to tap into their gift but lack the focus to optimize it to full use in their lives.

What a tragedy it is to go through your whole life without ever opening your miraculous gift – keeping it buried inside you or never optimizing it once you find it!

Where are you in this journey? Have you found a way to open and thrive with your birthday gift?

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Deal with it!

Businesswoman with digital tablet in a coffee shop

“You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.” Denzel Washington

When something is irritating you, one of the best things you can do is attend to it. Once you deal with it to the best of your ability you put the irritation behind you.

For example, you have received an email that bothers you. If you respond to it to the best of your ability, you will get relief from anxiety and worry.

If for some reason you can not deal with what is nagging you because you do not know how to deal with it, then allow some time, say 12 – 24 hours, before tackling it. But the longer you wait, the longer the anxiety will linger on.

Or there might be many circumstances or situations which might seem overwhelming or you realize you can’t be perfect at. But you just have to do what you think is best, because, it’s not about the situation or the solution, it’s how you deal with it and how you let it shape you to become a better person.



Man writing on glass board or working with virtual screen, small dof

Is procrastination a bad habit? Yes and No.

Yes, it is a bad habit to procrastinate:

– Exercise

– Proper nutrition

– Quality family time

– Expression of love and appreciation

– Reading

– Lifelong Learning

– Coaching & Mentoring your team

– Goal setting with your team

– Being coached & mentored yourself

– Becoming focused

– Prioritizing

– Being Grateful

– Counting your blessings

No, it is not a bad habit to procrastinate:

– Watching TV

– Getting angry

– Blaming others

– Being lazy

– Overeating

– Gossiping

– Sulking

– Swearing

– Smoking

– Drinking alcohol

– Taking harmful drugs

In other words, procrastination is a bad habit if you procrastinate all that’s important. On the other hand, procrastinating is not a bad habit if you procrastinate the unimportant.

Do not sweat procrastinating the unimportant. However, with the important, what you can do tomorrow, do it today instead.

Have clarity of what is important and what is not important. Then take action on what is important, pronto!