Corporate Sufi?

What is Corporate Sufi?

I use the word Sufi as a symbol for the esoteric side of all people. It goes beyond labels and focuses on the essence. On the outside people are different, on the inside not that different. Rumi the Sufi giant says, “We are all fellow travellers on the journey of life and we all face the same seasons of life.”

Why is this approach important in the corporate world? It gets rid of toxicity, egotism and turf wars – all of which is highly detrimental for the business.

I use the word “Corporate” in Corporate Sufi to symbolize the drive to excel in business, profession or career.

Corporate Sufi thus reflects someone who is driven, focused and goal-oriented, yet
heart-centered, principle-centered and balanced – a person who aspires both material and spiritual abundance.

I believe that success without happiness is a failure, that balance leads to more success, not less. It is about taking your life from success to significance!

Corporate Sufi Worldwide’s mission is to inspire and empower leaders at all levels to achieve material success, blended with a deep sense of purpose, passion and happiness.

We call this the synergy of Business, Balance & Beyond.

Good to Best!

Are you inspired to take one area of your life from being at a good level to being at your best level?

The moment you make this commitment, your whole outlook towards this area will shift to a much higher level. Also, you will start to behave in a similar manner in other areas of your life. It almost starts a new habit to life.

You will begin to feel great about yourself because you are now working at your brilliant best instead of just good enough.

Begin by making a decision to up your game from being good to being at your brilliant best in one area of your life and watch the miraculous shift to other areas of your life.

Reflect before you Act!

It is good to have goals, aspirations & desires! However, it is also good to reflect before acting on your goals. Ask yourself:

Why do I want what I want?

What value will it provide my team and me?

How is it going to change my life?

Will the current problems disappear?

Do proper reflection, contemplation, and meditation before getting into execution. These questions bring the alignment between real desires and action!

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Being extraordinary

An 89-year old Pennsylvanian was snowed-in around the holidays. His daughter was worried that he wasn’t going to have enough food to last the inclement weather. The daughter called many shops located in the area trying to find one who would deliver. She finally learned that Trader Joe’s, who normally do not deliver, agreed to do so in this special instance. They not only took the order, but also suggested other items that might fit the elderly man’s special low-sodium diet.

Upon ordering approximately $50 worth of food to be delivered, the Trader Joe’s employee informed the daughter she didn’t need to pay for it, and to have a Merry Christmas.

The food was delivered within 30 minutes of the phone call, and the holidays were saved for one elderly man and his family. (Reddit)

The Trader Joe’s employee turned an ordinary order into an extraordinary experience for the customer by seizing an opportunity to do more than what was required within the call of duty!

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Attacking an important and/or difficult task head-on is the way to go. The easy way is to procrastinate. However, things only get worse and more difficult when you procrastinate.

Attending to things head-on requires a concentrated effort to tackle the issue once and for all. A half hearted approach will not cut it. When you break the task down into bite size actionable activities and concentrate, you will find that the task is not as difficult as you think.

Once done, you will feel a sigh of relief and a sense of accomplishment.

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Being on Top

Being on top of things makes you feel calm. When you slip up and are back peddling you feel in disarray.

What then is the best way to always be on top?

Eliminate unnecessary activities, delegate effectively then execute efficiently!

There are a lot of things we do which need not be done. They add very little value to our overall goals. Eliminate them!

After eliminating unnecessary activities, delegate things on your plate that you can delegate to someone junior in your team. This will allow you to focus on the few very important to do’s – things that only you can do.

Then what is left on your plate execute promptly.

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Repeat Performance!

When you get a chance to perform at your best, always reflect on what made that type of performance happen. It’s never an accident. Many things have to align to create this performance.

By becoming aware of what makes that happen, you can repeat the performance in the future. Without this awareness, replication would be a hit and miss. You may also want to journal the success factors so you can review before future performances.

I spoke with one of the best in the world and I noticed after his performance he wrote a 15-page journal of the good, the bad and the indifferent of the event. Do you think this helps him with achieving better outcomes the next time around? You bet!

World class performers treat their craft with discipline and reverence. No wonder they are world class!

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