Lazy Day


Once in a while you will find that you just cannot get going.

You try to work in different places but your body does not respond. You eat different types of food or drink coffee or eat some sugary stuff to get the energy to buckle down and start working, but you find the rejuvenation short-lived.

When this happens your body is telling you it is time to rest and have a lazy day. If this happens too often then there would be a cause for worry. However, if it is once a month it is fine. When you go full speed for many days your body will tell you it is time to refuel by resting a bit.

It boils down to balance. There is a time to work and a time to play and a time to pray. Just like we have seasons in the year similarly we have seasons in our life journey. Enjoy the ride no matter what.

Structure vs. Spontaneity

Structure has merit. It gives order, discipline and accountability.

Spontaneity has inbuilt creativity, innovation and going with the flow.

The Corporate approach normally favours the structured approach which includes clarity, measurements and accountability.

The Sufi approach favours spontaneity which includes trusting your gut and being in the moment.

Marrying the structured approach with the spontaneous approach the Corporate Sufi way creates a dynamic balance.


If you are able to gain composure and put things in perspective, you will find the big challenge you are having, can be managed.

When you are consumed by fear, panic or anxiety the perspective gets clouded.

In times of great challenge, the starting point is to realize the best way to minimize and handle your challenge is to be calm and composed.

When you are calm and composed you get perspective of the challenge and you also draw from your deep inner wisdom.

Perspective is the antidote to fear, anxiety and panic!

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Balancing Act

You can do almost anything in life, but not everything. When two desirable values contradict each other, it’s necessary to strike a balance.

Meritocracy, effectiveness, and efficiency are valuable qualities. But what do you do when they clash with pluralism, diversity, principles, and values? Well, you strike a balance.

We all want to put aside something to pass on to our children and grandchildren. But what if maintaining our own well-being requires all the resources we can muster? Care first for yourself. Otherwise, you may become a burden to your children before you can pass anything on to them.

To create a fulfilling life, we first need to grow our awareness about the choices we must make. Then, we’ll learn to make those choices consciously until we achieve mastery. After that, appropriate choices will come naturally to us.

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Time is Life

Chronos is the Greek word for time as measured by clocks and calendars. Kairos is a Greek word used in the Christian Bible to indicate a fixed or definite period – an opportune season or a critical time. If you want balance in your life, you find ways to spend more of your life in Kairos.

Time is life, and life is time. Your life is measured by the number of breaths you take. Every breath reduces the inventory available to you.

You are blessed with time to live. But, how do you value this time? Time is yours. It is a great gift.
If you think you don’t have enough time, you’ll act in harmony with your thoughts, and these thoughts will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We all have 24 hours in a day – 86,400 seconds to spend on the things we value.  That’s lots of time. But, if you think you don’t have enough time, you need to examine the way you’re spending your valuable seconds. How you spend your time is a choice you have the power to make.

Don’t wait for mere chance to nudge you toward your destiny.  Choose the destiny you want, and use your time and choices to take you to it.

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Attached, yet Detached!

How can you have goals, which are so important to you and yet be detached from them?

To achieve detachment three key things would help:

1. Ensure your goals are larger than self. If goals are too self-centered they bring an element of fear and attachment that takes away from creativity, courage, and conviction.

2. Savor the journey – the joy of achieving goals is both in the journey and in the accomplishment.

3. You can own the goals but do not let the goals own you. In other words be the master of your goals, not the servant!

Detachment is achieved when you have goals that are larger than self and whose pursuit brings you joy!

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Invitation to Grace!

When you do good, you invite good.

Every time I have done some good, I have been rewarded with a lot back. Sometimes it is tangible and sometimes intangible.

I now have the conviction that an opportunity to give comes as a blessing.

Next time you get an opportunity to do good, grab the opportunity as you are sure to invite grace, blessings, and abundance from doing so.

Try it!

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