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Being Transparent

You want to make an improvement on how things are going, however, you hesitate because of your worry of how your suggestion is going to be perceived. You ask yourself: “will people get defensive or take it as a criticism of their working style?”

From my 30 years of working with different leaders, I find that transparent communication is the most effective. However, you need to ensure that you communicate in the most respectful manner without skirting the issue and ensure your feedback is aligned to the common goal.

If people see that you are coming from the right place and mean well, you will take the discussion to the next level. It does not mean that your feedback will be implemented totally. It means that you will have a healthy and transparent discussion leading to the best outcome.

The outcome may be what you suggested or what they come up or a third choice which is neither yours or theirs – but better than both your suggestions!

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