High-Performance Leaders

If you have congruence in your life, then what you say, how you think, and the way you act, all come together to make a complete, harmonious picture. 

Your actions in all your endeavors must harmonize the way the notes from a variety of instruments harmonize to create a symphony – a pleasing whole.

To achieve a high level of productivity requires authenticity. Who you are leads to what you do, not the other way around. It comes from within the person, so to achieve it we have to work on the inner person, not the outward actions.

Successful leaders display discipline in observing congruence and authenticity.
Thus congruence, authenticity, and discipline are the cornerstones of high-performance leaders!

Enlightened Persistence

Imagine you are climbing a very tall tree to pluck some fruit. However, eventually, when you get to the top, you find out that you do not like the fruit because you were climbing the wrong tree. Many people chase goals for many years and eventually get there only to wonder why they were chasing these goals in the first place.

Persistence is valuable if you are chasing goals that are worthwhile and those that you really desire. Reflect on your goals to ensure that they are what you really desire and those that will create an impact for you and for those around you!

If you are persisting just for fame, you may end up climbing the wrong tree and not enjoy the fruits you get.

Why Life balance?

Why Life balance?

– It enables you to avoid burn-out, and it can sustain your success.

– It creates a synergy of the body, mind, and soul.

– It enables you to move from success to significance.

– Allows you to be selfish and selfless – selfish in the sense of catering to your own needs first; selfless in the sense that by catering to your own needs, you can be of help to others.

– You find meaning and fulfillment. When you spend enough time, and spend it well, in areas that are important to you and you contribute your talents and resources toward the good of humankind, you find meaning and fulfillment.

– It enables you to unleash your potential. Through synergy, significance, and sustainability, you tap into your reserve and go farther and longer.

– It enables you to have an impact on the world. The basic unit for all of human society around the world is the family.  And families are made up of individuals.  So every individual who is balanced and is making a contribution toward others is making a difference in his country and, eventually, the world.


If you are going through chaos right now, don’t despair. Through imagination, you can transport yourself to a state of bliss.  It has immense power to allow you to let go of your limitations and connect with universal energy. You move beyond the limits of your conscious mind and tap into the reserves of the subconscious mind or sixth sense.

How does that look to you? How does that feel?  Hold onto that feeling; bring clarity to your imagination. Repeat it daily and often, and gradually it will become a reality. The energy will increase the possibility of the outcome you envisioned.  Don’t let doubt come into this.  A small doubt grows like a seedling. Things will not change overnight.  It will take time, but you have to display persistence. This means you persist because you know that it will pay off; there’s no doubt in your mind about it.

“A feeble man can see the farms that are fenced and tilled,” wrote philosopher-poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.  “The strong man sees possible houses and farms.  His eyes make estates as fast as the sun breeds clouds.” Imagination does not mean you will be spared of work to be done. However, you will have clarity, focus, and desire to execute!

Imagination and positive thoughts that you feed yourself daily create energy, passion, and gusto. They are the catalysts that create action and overcome inertia and self-doubt. 

Choices Create Destiny!

It’s not surprising to find that many people lead lives that are out of balance. We live in a frantic and stressful age, where change is the norm, and stability is difficult.

Executives find that the higher they climb on the corporate ladder, the harder it becomes to maintain a balance between personal and professional.

When our equilibrium is constantly being challenged, we need balance to help us negotiate the complex situations that confront us.  The age of communication only complicates matters.  Hundreds of daily e-mails, phone calls, messages, social media, and meetings interrupt our concentration.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Leading a balanced life is a choice. It isn’t your circumstances that bring imbalance to your life – it’s the choices you make in response to them. Your choices create your destiny, and You are their master. So, make the choice to live a balanced life.

Extra Inch!

Always aim to be a little bit better every day whether as a parent, spouse, employer, employee, sibling, child, or friend. Take that extra step and see what a big difference that single inch eventually makes.

If you commit to doing this consistently you’ll find that your small successes – compounded over one year – will bring remarkable improvement.

Many people tend to go for expediency, and doing just enough to get by. They don’t realize that this is most often a shortcut to failure.

Going just that extra inch means giving more than is required. It also means going from who you are to all that you can be. Go the extra inch and you will stand apart!

Focal Point!

Listening can help us build and strengthen relationships, solve problems, build understanding, resolve conflicts, reduce errors, and improve accuracy.

When you listen deeply, the other person feels free and comfortable in your presence, they are able to expand on their thoughts without fear of rejection. We all have experienced how incredibly comforting it is to be listened to.

You are a good listener if you:

– Give your full attention
– Avoid interrupting the speaker
– Refrain from immediate reaction/judgment
– Empathize
– Desist from offering unsolicited advice
– Ask questions only to ensure understanding
– Give feedback

The art of listening begins by making the other person the focal point of the conversation!