Right now no matter how many problems, challenges, and obstacles you have, there is bound to be something working well in your life.  Articulate what is working well for you albeit small and put your attention to it.

You will realize soon enough that your energy level will improve simply by making this one small switch. If you continue that focus you will find that your problems, challenges, and deadlines will be less daunting. You will tackle your problems, challenges, and deadlines more calmly and effectively. 

Why is this the case? Simply because you began by what is working in your life. Where attention goes, energy flows. 

Uplifting You

If you are having a bad day with some mishaps you can uplift yourself by asking yourself three questions: 

1. Write about what you are grateful for?

2. Write your Wow goals for today? 

3. Get cracking on achieving your Wow goals for the day! 

By so doing, you shift your focus to what you want instead of dwelling on what you don’t want! 

Blessing in Disguise

When you get unexpected obstacles, instead of
complaining about them, turn them into opportunities. If you complain, your obstacles will seem much bigger than they are and you will attract more obstacles. 

Instead, turn your obstacles into opportunities. If your flight is delayed instead of getting frustrated use the waiting time to make an important call that you have been hesitant to make or write the proposal that is pending. After completing one of these tasks, you will be thankful for the obstacle. 

When you get unexpected obstacles, find a way to turn them into unexpected opportunities. Unexpected obstacles can be a blessing in disguise if you choose to make them so!!

Need for Recognition

A human being has a need for feeling valued. This need also extends to people who are successful and surprisingly even to those who are enlightened! 

This means we can all touch people by offering sincere praise and appreciation. By so doing you make a positive difference to others and at the same time, you feel good about doing so. 

Sincere and specific praise make people realize that you are authentic. A general positive feedback is better than negative feedback, however, specific feedback is far more valuable.

If you are just trying to be nice by providing some feedback then at least make sure the feedback is sincere. If you do not have any sincere positive feedback to provide then no feedback is better. 


If you are called to contribute to a good cause, seize the opportunity. It is an invitation to attract grace! 

Beware that your path will not be all smooth. However, this should lead to growth. 

You are given a gift when you are born to use it to make the world a better place. If you don’t use it, you lose it! 

It is always a blessing and privilege to be given an opportunity to be of service to your fellow beings. Therefore serve with full gusto and enthusiasm and leave your ego out of the door.

Only those who are blessed get an opportunity to serve others. 


Our children need our quality time and love. However, when our children get older, it becomes a rarity to get one-on-one time with them. They are either in another city or are very busy or have other priorities.

So, when you get a chance to have some one-on-one quality time with them, there are few excuses to miss them. If you miss that opportunity, it will take a long time to get it back. 

Here are seven ways to keep in touch and positively impact our grown-up children:

1. Send a regular small note of expression of love and appreciation 
2. Check regularly with a short message: Hope all well?
3. Take interest in their sports, work, hobbies, travel, friends. Encourage the sharing of photos.
4. Have a family group what’s Ap account where you can chat as a family 
5. Plan at least one family trip a year. Ideally, two or three family trips even if low budget ones
6. Empower your children instead of micromanaging 
7. Instead of giving advise, be a great role model! 


Almost every day, it is conceivable that you will go through some good moments and some challenges. If you pay more attention to your good moments and express gratitude, you will attract more good moments. Instead, if you focus on your not so good moments or challenges, you will attract more of that.

Expressing gratitude is a great habit. It makes you feel good and attract abundance at the same time. 

How to enhance attracting gratitude:

1. Focus on what is working in your life 

Instead of focusing on what is not working and attracting more of that focus on what is working and express gratitude and attract more of that.

2. Express gratitude for what is not working in your life

Express gratitude for what is not working by saying: This is taking longer to take off but I know there is some benefit in the delay. Perhaps my knowledge of this service or product needs more prep thus the delay.

3. Express gratitude for even sad things in your life

View sadness as also a blessing. Rumi says: “Wound is a place where light enters!”. No wound, no light. So treat the ‘wounds’ as an invitation to the divine light!

4. Avoid the blame game. Instead, begin the praise game.

Instead of looking for someone to blame, look for someone to praise!

5. Look for the good in people 

Every person you meet will have some good in them and some bad. Look for the good in them and be grateful to have focused on their good instead of their shortcoming.

6. Don’t pass the buck instead take 100% responsibility 

When something has gone wrong instead of looking for the culprit to pass the buck to start by taking 100 % responsibility. This will lead you to be 100% response able!

7. Be in awe and gratitude of the phenomenal nature around us

When you see the sunrise or the sunset or the flowers bloom or the birds fly say Wow “Spectacular beauty!”

8. Desire and create impact. 

Be grateful and grab any opportunity to create impact. 
Do not worry about getting credit 

9. Express gratitude for every opportunity to serve others. 

Every time you are called to provide service consider it as a big blessing

10. Let go of worries. Instead, focus on taking action to minimize the worries.

My friend and co-author Dr. Nido Qubein’s says aptly: “95 % of what you worry about never happens!”