Reflect before you Act!

It is good to have goals, aspirations & desires! However, it is also good to reflect before acting on your goals. Ask yourself:

Why do I want what I want?

What value will it provide my team and me?

How is it going to change my life?

Will the current problems disappear?

Reflection, contemplation, and meditation before getting into execution create alignment between real desires and action!

Power Within

You have enormous power within. You can tap into your power within by making five commitments embodied in the word power as follows:

P – The Commitment of Power of giving – The more you give, the more you have!

O – The Commitment of Opening your Birth – Day (what you are born with) gift – Open your birth-day gift, shine your light & make a positive difference!

W – The Commitment of a Winning Attitude – Aim high to reach high! When you believe in yourself, the whole world believes in you!

E –The Commitment of Enlightened Persistence – Persist until you succeed and know when to exit if you are chasing the wrong goal.

R – The Commitment of Rejuvenation – You are in the glow when you are in the flow! Let’s strive for balance and for being present!

Are you willing to make these 5 commitments? No commitments, no results! Without commitment, idle promises will dry up & blow away in the first wind storm!

Your soul has an inherent desire to make a difference, therefore, make the Commitment of Power of giving.

You have a special, unique gift waiting to be opened therefore make the Commitment of Opening your Birth-day gift.

You have unlimited potential, wanting to shoot for the stars – make the Commitment of having a Winning Attitude.

You have the capacity to persist till you succeed therefore make the Commitment of displaying Enlightened Persistence.

You crave balanced living and have the ability to live in the moment, therefore, make the Commitment of Rejuvenation.

The Universe is waiting for you to make these five commitments to tap into our POWER!

What are you waiting for?

Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is one that draws from the strengths of others. It is about awakening what is half asleep inside people. This requires that we inspire people to discover their innate abilities. In a corporate setting, such leadership is crucial to business success. The ability to unleash people’s potential, to energize them to use their talent and to work towards a common goal is the master skill of a true leader. 

Leadership is about making leaders of your followers and unleashing the spirit of empowerment and involvement.

There is so much richness within each person to be discovered. Until it is discovered, it will forever be absent from the workplace. It is the role of effective leaders to nurture this richness.

What we Choose

What we choose to believe is a decisive part of how we experience life.

Here are three aspects of belief creation and its impact on our lives.

1. Subtle yet powerful mechanism – Your beliefs are often molded before you are even consciously aware of them. And almost as imperceptibly, you start subscribing to them. The belief roots deep within you, and with every experience or situation, you add on more substance and drama to it. Gradually it becomes a fundamental premise of your life and a filter for all your life experiences.

2. Using the belief as a shield – Once you start believing something, you can settle back in your comfort zone and feel absolved of the responsibility to try something different. Plus you can hide behind it every time you are asked to try something new. So belief often becomes a facade for obsolescence and complacency.

3. Self-affirming phenomenon – The universe is an open field of potentiality. What you can imagine, what you want to believe, you start creating. In short, whatever you focus on becomes stronger. So if you believe you are creative, then your intent, your approach, as well as all that you attract in your life, including people and situations, work towards re-affirming your belief.


You can have the greatest idea or product, the best branding and market positioning, but if your team members do not fully believe in it, then your business will not flourish.

Just as important as whether your team believes in your idea or product, is do you believe in your team members? What you believe about yourself and your team will impact your performance.

So be mindful of the beliefs you create – be it in your product and ideas or of you or of your team.

Your beliefs supported by your actions will create your reality!

Enlightened Persistence

Persistence is usually a good thing. However, what if you are chasing the wrong goals?

Rather than chase goals that are not, ultimately, right for you, establish your own goals—the goals that make you happy and keep you fulfilled.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

·      Are you chasing futile goals that, even when achieved, will not invite happiness?

·      When doing what is right for you, do you prevail even when the odds are stacked against you?

·      When the task is to turn goals into concrete results do you do a little extra to create a breakthrough?

·      Are you focused and consistent?

Enlightened persistence means persist until you succeed, however, exit if you’re chasing the wrong goals!

Decisive Execution!

Making decisions does not come naturally to some. To others following through with their decision is difficult.

There are times when making a decision is not easy because of varied reasons including complexity, guilt, and commitments made.

However, once you make a decision after having given enough thought to all the varied circumstances, then execution is the name of the game.

Any slack in following through with your decision can take you way back to where you started and now much harder to make a decision.