Attract SPARK!

After a facilitated chat on my co-authored book The Power of Giving (with Harvey McKinnon) someone from the audience approached me to comment positively on the discussion. I asked her my favourite question: “What was your one take home from the discussion?”. She replied, “Your message, – “Ask not what you will lose by giving, but rather what will you lose by not giving!”

This is a paradigm shift. Instead of thinking of the time you will lose by doing voluntary work, think of the loss you will incur in not learning powerful leadership and interpersonal skills and the loss of SPARK you attract from giving.

Giving is one of the most potent forces in the universe. The more you give, the more you create and innovate. The more you give, the more you tap into your genius and potential.

SPARK is in Imperfection!

Can you imagine if you had everything you want, needed nothing? I know of a 70 year old man who is looking to buy a business. I asked him why and he said “I have enough money to retire but I need something to do. I volunteer 2 hours a day and exercise an hour a day. Then what do I do?” Interesting. What happened to looking forward to retirement?

No matter what, you are always striving for something. This is not a bad thing. It gets you up in the morning to aim for something.

If you are having challenges in life (at work or in your business) and are thinking that they will all disappear when you retire think again. The types of challenges change but they do not disappear completely.

What you can change in your life is your attitude and your outlook. If you have an attitude of gratitude and a positive outlook to everything around you suddenly things change in your life. In reality things have not changed; only the way you look at them has changed. As my late colleague Dr. Wayne Dyer would say, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”
Life is not perfect and it will never be perfect. However do not knock lack of perfection in your life because SPARK is in the imperfection!

Happy to have SPARK!

Some people sabotage their happiness and SPARK. When things are going very well for them, they find a way to create a problem so they can be unhappy. They feel that they do not deserve to be happy.

When they go back to their unhappy ways, they blame others for it. It could an issue of lack of self esteem, low confidence or conditioning. It is hard to help these people because often, they do not want to receive the help.

This situation can arise at work or home. If you can build trust with the individual and inspire them to be objective, things may change gradually. In some situations that not be the case. If that is the situation then don’t take it personally. Instead be happy to retain your SPARK!


“I” am strong, “Team” is stronger!

What stops us from optimizing others. Judgement of others based on our paradigm.

Each one of us is fighting a battle of some sort, trying to overcome one challenge or another – whether it is doing a homework assignment, meeting work targets, making the mark in a new job, looking for employment, going through a challenging divorce or overcoming loneliness in old age.

Our job is not to judge people and get frustrated by their behavior. Instead, we need to consider appreciating that every one is trying to overcome some kind of challenge. Now, if our focus is too much on “me” then being frustrated by others will be the outcome. However, if our focus is on “us” instead, then we will play a part in making a positive difference not only to others, but also to ourselves!

Therefore, be a little kinder, gentler, accepting today and watch how this giving nature returns the SPARK in you.

SPARK at the Top!

Take off has started and the sky can be the limit – this can be the case every day if you create a mindset inviting this feeling.

How do you make this happen? Do the following:

– Create a burning desire for what you want
– Revisit this burning desire at least twice a day
– Experience the feeling of as if your desire is a done deal
– Each day, evaluate what you did well and what can you do better next day
– Be objective of your success, learning and challenges
– Celebrate the success of others the way you would celebrate your own success.

Always remember taking off is only the beginning. Sustaining the take off is where you need the ongoing SPARK!

SPARK by accident!

I had a meeting scheduled with a friend at a coffee shop. However, for some reason I ended up at a wrong coffee shop, situated a few blocks away. While waiting for my friend, I ran into a someone whom I had not seen for 10 years. She said that she had come across one of my books recently and was planning to contact me but had been apprehensive of how to go about it. Our meeting was a sheer chance meeting. Or…maybe not.
I took our meeting as a good omen, and to confirm how the Universe conspires when we aspire. In this case, my contact aspired to meet me, but the only way I could bump into her was to end up at the wrong coffee house. Later, as it turned out – through this contact and subsequent discussions, it led me to a long term business opportunity which was not expected at all. So both of us benefited through this unexpected encounter (or accident).

How do these types of improbable coincidences happen? A lot has been written about synchronicity, but I will mention a few which resonate with me:

– The more you notice these kind of happenings, the more you attract them.
– The Universe is giving you a hint that you are on the right track.
– It is a grace from the divine.
– When you reconnect with your Source, you notice and invite more of these positive occurrences.
– You feel that the Universe is collaborating with you.
– You shift your attitude from having doubt to becoming doubtless.
– Instead of looking at your work as requiring unimaginable effort, you view it through the lense of it being effortless.

You have attracted a SPARK by accident!

Brilliant SPARK!

What do you do when a brilliant idea dawns?

Ideas come from a higher source, and acting upon them right away are expressions of gratitude for those blessings.  By procrastinating we lose momentum and the intensity of the idea wanes.

If an idea gets you up in the middle of the night, act on it right away by attempting to implement your thoughts. It happened to me once, and by early morning I was able to put together material which I had been struggling to complete for the past few years! I could not believe how clear everything appeared.

I learned that we have to act upon a trigger right away – whether it is midnight or midday. If you are busy doing other things that are not priorities, put them aside and attend to implementing the new ideas.

While you are in the swing of things, address the following questions as well:

– What problem is your brilliant idea trying to solve?
– What ideal goal are you trying to achieve?
– What obstacles can you anticipate in implementation?
– What different resources are going to be required?
– What steps and different activities will be required?
– Who in your team will help do what, and by when?

The above questions will probably not be addressed fully in one sitting, and may require input from others, but you can get a great start on them by posing them while in conception stage of your magical idea.

When you act on your brilliant idea pronto you attract SPARK!