Your choice makes the difference

Discomfort can be a pain or a springboard for success. When you are uncomfortable you want to change your status. You are not happy with the status quo. This creates the impetus to take action. 

When you are comfortable you can easily become satisfied with the status quo.  This can potentially lead to mediocrity.

Therefore do not view discomfort negatively but rather use it to provide the impetus to change – and change for the better. 

To get to the next level of success, you need to leave your comfort zone and learn new things and seize opportunities.  You have to make yourself accountable for going to the next level or find a mentor who can make you accountable.


If you look at your family or your team at work or in a voluntary organization you will notice that we don’t all think the same way.

This difference can be frustrating when you try to get people to think the way you think. However, this is precisely where synergy begins. No difference, no synergy.

Since synergy is defined as the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, the difference is good! It requires the mentality of working together.

Synergy slows you down in the beginning but you speed up along the way!

Doing Well, Doing Good!

My daughter Sahar decided to invest her time and energy in a social project called Maziwa in Kenya after completing her MBA at Kellogg and having worked as a brand manager for Reckitt Benckiser & Johnson & Johnson. With J&J she managed five countries in Europe!

Maziwa is a hybrid social enterprise, incorporated as a non-profit entity in Canada and the US and as a for-profit company in Kenya. Maziwa’s commitment is to reinvest the vast majority of its profits back into their organization to achieve sustainable growth and fulfill its social mission.

Maziwa has been selected as a finalist in MIT Solve. There are 3 components to the competition:

– Several start-ups will be selected for additional grants worth $2 million (from Gates Foundation, etc.)

-5 teams in each category will be selected as “Solvers” to win $10,000 each & gain access to their strong community.

– And, finally (here’s where you can help), Finalists with the most votes will win the Community Award. You can vote for her here:

The deadline is Sept. 29! If you believe in doing well and doing good and can spend 3 mins to vote & share with your network that would be greatly appreciated!! TY 




Some may argue that the world has become selfish and self-centered. However few will dispute that people tend to forget to prioritize quiet self-time for reflection and rejuvenation.

Having even a short time to yourself without interruptions or appointments can make you both calmer and empowered.
If you have no peace you cannot offer peace to others. Moms who give to the whole world but forget to give to self can become bitter and resort to nagging.

Thus carving quiet time into your day for reflection and rejuvenation is not selfish, but rather selfless!

Don’t Settle!

Paulo Coelho is a gifted Brazilian writer. He has an uncanny ability to weave powerful life-changing messages into his stories. In turn, his books have sold over 100 million copies in over 50 countries.

Lionel Messi is a footballer with an uncanny ability to dribble past the best defenders in the sport and score. He is an incredibly gifted soccer player and regarded as one of the best in the world.

Usain Bolt is a retired sprinter who broke many world records. A gifted runner with attributes to become the fastest the world has seen. Arguably, the best ever!

These are but a few examples of people who discovered their birth-day gift and attained world-class status. How about you?

You are Nature’s greatest miracle. No one walks like you, talks like you, thinks like you.
You may not write like Paulo Coelho, dribble like Lionel Messi, or run like Usain Bolt. However, you have your own calling to greatness. What is your gift? Don’t settle until you find it!”


Organizing is valuable whether it is your clothes, office, car space, or files on your computer.

Usually, when you start organizing in one place, you get energized to organize other places. You also get clearer about what is where which surely saves you time when looking for stuff.

When you organize, you also end up using more of what you have. For instance, when you organize your clothes you use more of them as you may find your favorite dress or shirt hidden somewhere that has remained unused for a few months or sometimes years! And when you organize your computer, you often find information that could save you lots of time.

If you make it a habit to periodically organize things in your life, you will find your productivity, sense of control, and calmness will improve.

What is important?

How do you decide what is important? It needs to be based on purpose, principles, and goals. Many people confuse urgent or efficiency with important.

If you are like most people, urgent things go to the top of the list. However, a potential problem with that approach is that urgent things may not be aligned to your purpose, principles, or goals.

Reading is not urgent but important, so it gets parked. Same applies to exercise – not urgent, but important – so it also gets parked. The trouble with postponing reading and exercise is that insight, productivity, and health get affected. All important to your well being and success.

What’s the solution? Get crystal clarity of purpose, principles, and goals. Then set your schedule from this paradigm followed by the execution of the same.

At the end of the day what will count is not how much you finish but what you finish!