Are you looking for a life of purpose and fulfillment? If so, what better way to get there than by adopting a LIVE to GIVE habit. And there’s no better day to start this habit than on Giving Tuesday!

The LIVE TO GIVE philosophy espouses the drive for giving as a core quality in one’s daily living.

This philosophy is also supported by science. Researcher, bestselling author, and Professor Dr. Stephen Post has funded over 50 scientific studies related to giving at top universities in the United States. He concludes that the simple act of purposeful giving adds to the giver’s happiness, health, resilience, creativity, and longevity, confirming that we are indeed hardwired to give. We have an innate need to give. We are born to give.

Today is Giving Tuesday, so join me in my quest to Live to Give to a wonderful cause called, Maziwa. Maziwa is helping working mothers in Kenya take back control of the health and well-being of their families. What’s even more exciting, if you give today, your contribution will be matched–doubling your giving. As an added benefit, your donation will also be completely tax-deductible. A triple gain! What a great opportunity to give. Click here to donate now:

Choices Create Destiny!

It’s not surprising to find that many people lead lives that are out of balance. We live in a frantic and stressful age, where change is the norm, and stability is difficult.

Executives find that the higher they climb on the corporate ladder, the harder it becomes to maintain a balance between personal and professional.

When our equilibrium is constantly being challenged, we need balance to help us negotiate the complex situations that confront us. The age of communication only complicates matters. Hundreds of daily e-mails, phone calls, messages, faxes, and meetings interrupt our concentration.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Leading a balanced life is a choice. It isn’t your circumstances that bring imbalance to your life – it’s the choices you make in response to them. Your choices create your destiny, and You are their master. So, make the choice to live a balanced life.

Efficient and effective!

When you have tons of things to do, you have three choices on how you execute:

– Get cracking and attack one at a time and see where you end up

– Throw the towel

– Execute effectively.

The last option is the best one. How do you execute effectively?

Plan execution in order of priority and delegate effectively where appropriate. Procrastinate or eliminate inconsequential items!

Having taken this approach you are working with fewer items on your plate that have the highest impact. Also, you have been able to use your team effectively by delegating and empowering them. Finally, you have eliminated or procrastinated things that have minimal consequences. This approach to execution is efficient and effective!

Extra Inch!

Always aim to be a little bit better every day whether as a parent, spouse, employer, employee, sibling, child, or friend. Take that extra step and see what a big difference that single inch eventually makes.

If you commit to doing this consistently you’ll find that your small successes – compounded over one year – will bring remarkable improvement.

Many people tend to go for expediency and do just enough to get by. They don’t realize that this is most often a shortcut to failure.

Going just that extra inch means giving more than is required. It also means going from who you are to all that you can be. Go the extra inch and you will stand apart!

Focal Point!

Listening can help us build and strengthen relationships, solve problems, build understanding, resolve conflicts, reduce errors and improve accuracy.

When you listen deeply, the other person feels free and comfortable in your presence, they are able to expand on their thoughts without fear of rejection. We all have experienced how incredibly comforting it is to be listened to.

You are a good listener if you:

– Give your full attention
– Avoid interrupting the speaker
– Refrain from immediate reaction/judgment
– Empathize
– Desist from offering unsolicited advice
– Ask questions only to ensure understanding
– Give feedback

The art of listening begins by making the other person the focal point of the conversation!


Having a sense of giving brings meaning and fulfillment. It creates positive energy. Contributing creates significance, value, happiness, and balance. When you are making a contribution you feel valuable. People want to be around you.

Every career offers opportunities to show genuine concern and compassion toward those you come in contact with.

Japan’s economic growth following World War II was a major 20th-century success story. The growth was not based on competition. Its fundamental element is expressed in the Japanese word kyosei, which means a spirit of cooperation.

When you follow a sense of contributing, you think in terms of cooperation, not competition.

Your Foundation!

The hidden roots of a tree are its unseen foundation. By not having any desire to show off its might, the tree humbly conveys a quiet statement of strength.

The key is to build your own strong foundation based on principles, values, integrity, and authenticity. That then becomes your quiet statement of strength.

Work on improving yourself and build your foundation on a strong character.