From Success to Significance!

Conviction comes when you believe that you have the absolute ability and resolve to achieve what you are striving to achieve.

Action requires you to work on your goals every single day ensuring that your actions are aligned to your goals.

In addition to conviction and action, your behaviour and feelings need to be congruent to the outcome you are expecting. Everything about you needs to spell to you and others around you that achieving your goal is a done deal!

Adding meaning, purpose and impact to your goals takes you from success to significance!

SPARK in Chaos!

Life has a way of disrupting the best-laid plans, and sooner or later you are flung into the whirlwind of change.

Our age is marked by accelerated human evolution. New patterns are very rapidly replacing old ones. Today, no one remains immune to change. The average life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company has dropped considerably in the last century. Consumer behaviour has undergone an unprecedented change. Babies today leave the hospital with a blanket, an iPhone, a Facebook page, and a Twitter handle.

While the industrial revolution was all about the business-to-people narrative, the dawn of the social media era has now shifted the focus to people-to-people – with communities, collaboration, and co-creation being the new buzzwords.

Today you have to continuously learn and relearn in order to remain relevant. Long-term strategy has given way to “just-in-time” decision-making.

On the other hand, this change has also created a whole new platform for the human capability to flourish. For confident and resourceful people, change spells opportunity. They’re willing to venture out of their comfort zones to embrace change and use it to their advantage.

Change is always exciting when you choose it yourself. As a choice, it’s not an unwelcome threat, but a welcome SPARK!

Inner Light!

Each one of us is born with an inner light that reflects the true radiance of our being. This is the light of the ‘authentic you’.  It shines brighter whenever you are authentic to yourself, to your life purpose, to your innate gift. Authenticity is something so natural yet so difficult.

As children, this light of authenticity is fairly evident. It shines through the twinkle of a child‘s eye, in their laughter, their natural exuberance for life.

But with time, you begin to cloud this light with prejudices, beliefs, conditionings and pursuit of false trappings, brought on by our surroundings, relations, acquaintances, the media, and society.

Over time you forget the real purpose of why you are here and what you need to accomplish. We need to reclaim our SPARK by beginning to walk, talk and breathe the truth moment by moment!

Forgiving Self!

When others hurt you, do not hold a grudge. Holding a grudge multiplies the hurt. Instead, if you forgive them wholeheartedly, you let go of the hurt.

Ironically, when you are able to forgive others for their shortcomings, you are also able to forgive yourself for your shortcomings.

Forgiving others is thus tantamount to forgiving self!


The self-talk starts the motion towards the outcome you desire. The paranoid approach leads to negativity and attraction to a bad experience.

If you anticipate your challenge and decide to have a positive experience, surprisingly you will have a good ride. When you are put in a difficult spot, you can either become paranoid or believe that you will have the best outcome.

You are in charge of your self-talk. No amount of passing the buck will help!

Die Before You Die!

To die before you die is to be ready to die at any moment with no past regrets or future worries.

The wisdom here is to live each moment in totality, in its full measure. Then, when the moment ends, there is no pain, because living in the moment has been complete and absolute.

Just the idea of death has a cleansing effect, instantly eliminating the non-essential while illuminating the essence. This is the power of death. Rather than invoking fear, death actually brings freedom. Freedom to do, say and experience what matters.

Steve Jobs said: “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.”